Social Media Training in Cornwall

I’ve been asked by a few local businesses to put on some kind of social media training and I’m going to test the water for such an event. If you are interested, subscribe to the newsletter opposite and I will let you know when it happens.

Getting savvy social media training in Cornwall is a bit tricky for a number of reasons: It’s a peninsular, meaning it’s long and thin and does not have a large catchment area, and it’s a long way away from large population centres and so economics of scale are not there.

Not that there isn’t a need, there is. But, it’s all about making the event worthwhile. In the past I have presented training seminars at online marketing conferences in London where the concentration of people interested make it worth doing. Also, large companies have brought me in to personally coach employees in the art of social media marketing.

Having been involved in social media marketing for about five years now, although it really depends how you define social media, I’ve built up quite a lot of real experience and consulting with some of the biggest companies and brands in the land I have been able to see how business implements social media. Mostly they get it wrong, in fact only a tiny percentage get it right. And when I say get it right I mean it adds to their bottom line.

So, I’m dipping my toe in the water and I will access the feedback. In the meantime, sign up to the newsletter and I will keep you informed

How much will it cost? It’s going to be attractive to small businesses in Cornwall, so it wont be the usual fee of around £200 per person.
When will it be? Probably in the Autumn.
Where will it be? Possibly Truro, or a nice beachside cafe that turns out a tasty burger.

For those of you who are not residents of Cornwall (you don’t know what you are missing) I may take the show on the road and hold the seminar/presentation/workshop around the UK.