SEO Content Executive London

Take a job role and add the term “executive” to it and it adds more gravitas to the role. Or does it? What is an executive anyway? Probably something dreamed up by recruitment (executives ;) “Grunt”, would probably be a more accurate term. SEO Content Grunts wanted Would that get a better class of application? […]

Keeping up with seo blogging

To me, blogging has been a means to an ends. Get clients, establish the brand, wind a few people up. The problem is of course when you get the clients you no longer have the time to blog. But, I think you still should. It keeps the mind focused, it keeps the creative gene fed […]

Only Bad SEOs Work In-house?

Since I announced I was going to help other SEO professionals get work at seo agencies and as in-house seo’s it’s been a crazy 24 hours. After making the SEO Job post and twitter I have been amazed at the response. We’ve been swamped by quite a few CV’s from some very talented people who […]


So how do you get a job in the SEO space? Do you speak to one of the “digital services” recruitment agencies? Digital services? I hate the term digital services, it’s SEO or SEM or even online marketing. The limited experience of recruitment agencies has been all bad. Most of the time I feel like […]