SEO Content Executive London

Take a job role and add the term “executive” to it and it adds more gravitas to the role.

Or does it?

What is an executive anyway? Probably something dreamed up by recruitment (executives 😉

“Grunt”, would probably be a more accurate term.

SEO Content Grunts wanted

Would that get a better class of application? I don’t know, but it would let people know that the company hiring is different and does not bullshit.

Content grunts are valued at Cornwallseo, they are the bods that make the machine move. Without them there are nothing. Our content grunts are well looked after. I’m getting the feeling that you lot who have executive after your name may feel a tad used and abused. I don’t know.

Do you think the term “executive” really changes anything?

Does the boss feed you free donuts daily?

When we hire for a post we treat it the same way as we would a bit of linkbait or infographic. We need to attract people who are highly creative and want to make a mark, and have a twinkle in their eye.

We are not hiring just yet, in Cornwall or London. But when we do we want to win “The Most Creative Job Advert” award at the next BAFTA’s.

If you are looking to work with one of the most Zarjaz and Froody outfits in online marketing, keep a look out on this blog, sign up to the email, RSS feed, Twitter feed etc.

More about this later.

How Much Money Should an SEO be Paid?

I know how much I should be paid, but how much should an agency seo, or an in-house seo be paid?

As a freelance my fee is dictated by the market, I set it too high and I get no takers, too low and I am swamped.

But what about those who work in organisations? It’s a difficult question for some to answer and I so rarely see it discussed in the seo blog world. Maybe because not everyone wants this information public.

Various factors are obviously involved like, experience, expertise, job availablity etc.

But what’s the starting pay for an seo and how much can you earn?

I’m interested in your thoughts.

Keeping up with seo blogging

To me, blogging has been a means to an ends. Get clients, establish the brand, wind a few people up. The problem is of course when you get the clients you no longer have the time to blog.

But, I think you still should.

It keeps the mind focused, it keeps the creative gene fed with blood and oxygen, it enables you to start conversations on topics you are interested in. Problem is, if you are late for a client, which I am 80% of the time (have difficulty letting go of the work, just one more tweak) then they may get pissed at what they see as you goofing off on your blog. When in fact it actually helps get the juices flowing and helps you serve the client better. Continue reading “Keeping up with seo blogging”

Only Bad SEOs Work In-house?

Since I announced I was going to help other SEO professionals get work at seo agencies and as in-house seo’s it’s been a crazy 24 hours. After making the SEO Job post and twitter I have been amazed at the response. We’ve been swamped by quite a few CV’s from some very talented people who are woefully underpaid. It may be a while before we can reply to everyone.

A number of people have told me that the best SEO’s are those who are self employed and that in-house guys are just trained monkies. It’s simply not the case as not everyone wants the stress, pressure and lack of security being your own boss brings.

Some people want to be able to leave the work at the office and simply have a good time and get paid a heck of a lot of money for what they do with no worries about where the next client will come from.

Personally, it’s not for me. Not that anyone would ever employ me anyway and I love the high-wire act of working for yourself. But simply because you do seo in-house does not mean you are any less talented.

And there is no reason why you shouldn’t be well paid if you are hot stuff.


So how do you get a job in the SEO space?

Do you speak to one of the “digital services” recruitment agencies? Digital services? I hate the term digital services, it’s SEO or SEM or even online marketing.

The limited experience of recruitment agencies has been all bad. Most of the time I feel like I am speaking to a crack addict or someone who swallows coffee beans raw to get that instant caffeine injection. My biggest problem is trust, why is this person the other side of the ergonomically designed desk acting as if they are my best friend and wants more than anything to do me a favour.

Recruiters get paid a lot of money to place people so it’s no surprise they are aggressive. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just leaves me drained.

I am sure there are great seo recruiters out there, if you know any great. But what strikes me is that the best person to place an search engine optimiser in a position is another seo. Who else is going to know what’s needed and understand what an seo really wants. And it’s not always cash, although it mostly is.

So here’s the deal. Me and enterprise level seo and Wordtracker guy, Mark Nunney are offering an SEO Recruitment service. To be honest, I want it to be skewed towards the SEO professional than the corporate client. I feel that optimisers are undervalued in the market place and do not fully understand their value. I think that if you are an expert, then it’s a case of the corporate client making their pitch and competing against others to employ you. Which is how it should be right?

Listen up, there is a shortage of skilled professionals out there. As an SEO you want to get the best deal possible, and lets face it, it’s not always about money.

Send in your CV and requirements to and we can get you sorted. We know what you need beause we do what you do.

ps. I will be setting up an SEO Job blog so we can keep this blog doing what it does best.

pps. First job a client wants filled is here if you think you have the cahonas for it drop my a line. It’s next door to Ebay, which I think is kinda cool.