What Makes a Quality Post in the SEO Space

This started out as a comment about the post, this month in seo, which is an excellent post with a mediocre headline.

As I was writing my thoughts I realised it would be better as a post and to give Van Gogh a link for his effort.

Lets leave whether or not this post is linkbait or not, as the label of “linkbait” is becoming irrelevant and meaningless as a descriptive label when compared to the constituent elements which make up a quality post which attracts links. A label can stop thought because it makes understanding too easy, it misses the point.

The point being, what is it that makes a quality blog post which attracts links? I want to use this post as an example of a worthy piece of content which will grab links and social bookmarking votes. Continue reading “What Makes a Quality Post in the SEO Space”