Linkbait Coaching – Opening the books again July 16th

As you may have noticed I have not been making much effort to sell Linkbait Coaching, the reality is I haven’t needed to. The first month filled up very quickly and I have a bunch of people who missed the frist wave. So I am upping the membership number to 40, I doubt it will increase that figure as the service I offer is personal requires a large time investment from me and I do not think I can squeeze any more juice out of my day.

Linkbait Coaching is not about giving you static lessons and letting you get on with it. I am there to answer your questions on the forum and to help you come up with linkbait ideas and help with headlines for your specific niche.

Help is also there for advice on building a social network and building social media power accounts. [Read more...]

How to get a Snapshot of what is happening in Social Bookmarking Sites

The following is a cut down version of what you can see on linkbait coaching, where I help people develop content intended to get a nice dolop of links, sometimes using social media.

Yes, I know you can’t really see what is on the screen and the audio kicks in too loud at the start, the hosted version is a full screen.

I will try to make a video blog a day and Youtube the odd one over here. There is so much happening in the world of social media marketing right now, it’s an exciting place to cover.

Linkbait Coaching goes Live at 2pm

Note: I will be publishing the sign up link for the program here. I will also email it to the list.

That’s 2pm UK time which I think is GMT+1.

I have only had 4 hours sleep as I had to solve last minute admin problems. I have tested and retested the Membership system and forum, lets hope everything will go smooth.

There is only a limit of 20 people, I know a lot of people have expressed interest so it may fill up quickly. There are a few test and admin accounts already in there, but only 20 people will be involved in the coaching program.

People have asked if it’s a course, not really, although there are aspects of a course. What I am offering is help with your current linkbaiting strategy, as if you hired me as a consultant. I will be helping you improve and fine tune your linkbait strategies.

The program is $400 for 30 days although you can just keep it going and basically outsource your linkbaiting. It will renew automatically, so cancel if you only want a months worth. Payments are all through paypal as I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Some people have said the reason I am doing this is because of recent events. Not true, I have been planning this since January and seriously started putting the thing together two months ago.

If you don’t get in don’t worry, I am sure some spots will open up in a months time.

Hope to see you in there.

May your links be many and aged.

$200 Linkbait E-book Free to Linkbait Coaching Members

Members of Linkbait Coaching will receive a free copy of Patrick Altoft’s e-book, which previously sold at $200. He has removed it from further distribution after it went on sale earlier in the year. Apparently it gave away too much information.

After a struggle, I managed to prise the withdrawn e-book from Patrick’s vice like grip and promised to only offer it to my Linkbait Coaching group.

For those who don’t know Patrick, he blogs over at and is an expert link builder and link baiter. Check the backlinks to his own blog.

Notorious Linkbaiter Closes the Door

It finally happened. I am closing my doors to new linkbaiting clients. I am only going to be doing a couple a month for current clients. Sorry, but no more. I had to turn someone away yesterday, which was hard. But then I told them about my linkbait coaching course and they realised the potential and cost effectiveness.

The response from people has been very positive, and I think those 20 spots will go very quickly. It’s great that so many people are interested. I think it shows the power of building relationships with people and providing social proof that you know what you are talking about.

For those wanting to buy linkbait off the shelf, I am sure some of the people I will be coaching will be interested in fulfilling your needs. Although if you look at the cost of linkbait, $4,000 and the cost of a whole months coaching from me, $400. You can see that you get a lot more bang for your buck and are able to learn and understand the process, you can then go on to develop your own high grade linkbait.

More details about Linkbait Coaching

How to Take Your Linkbaiting Skills to a Higher Level

Have you ever found yourself asking?

I need help with my headlines and I need it now?

Do you have any linkbait ideas, the sooner the better?

Could you help me build my social network?

How do I get a digg power user to submit my cool content?

It’s a common problem for those wanting to create linkbait and attract thousands of people and links to their website. It’s why a professional linkbaiter can charge many thousands of dollars, if you can get hold of one. I charge $4,000 but unfortunately I am not accepting new clients.

I have separated the linkbait process into the four stages above. Get all four elements right and you are liable to get some serious traffic and links. Although, if you have a popular site already, you probably only need the first two as your own audience will take care of the latter two.

For personal consultation I charge £150 an hour, minimum ten hours. This enables me to work closely with you, getting to know your niche, your objectives and helping you craft your linkbait to the quality needed. I also help getting the content submitted to digg through a power user.

The problem with hiring me for a personal consultation is that I am expensive. £1,500 or $3,000 is a lot of money for most people. Which is why these days I tend to only work with Corporates with large pockets.

So I got to thinking. How could I deliver the same level of personal service to clients but at a reduced cost, as a reduced cost means I get to reach more people?

An eBook after all, was out of the question. It’s not that eBooks are evil, I have learned a lot from various eBooks and there are some good ones out there, but I feel linkbaiting needs something a little more personal. A little more hands on. Different niches require different approaches as each sector has it’s own hot buttons and a one size fits all is not going to cut it. The solution needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the niche.

Creating headlines is very difficult for some people, personally I find it very easy to come up with headlines, I don’t mean to brag, it’s just how my brain works. If someone has a niche they want to promote, I can usually come up with more usable headlines in a hour than they can get through in a month.

Linkbait ideas too. I have a notebook crammed with them, for various niches and industries. I spend most of my waking hours thinking about linkbait and I often get ideas when I look at a niche. Most of them do not get used as I do not have time to create the linkbait, taking as it does 5 – 10 days to put together.

So rather than go down the linkbait eBook route, I’ve decided to replicate my personal consultation service, but instead of charging £1,500, I am only going charge £200 for a whole months access to a subscription only forum where I will coach people to create linkbait worthy of any professional linkbaiter.

Considering how much I charge for linkbait, this is an absolute bargain. This program is going to be very hands on, I can only accept 20 people, as I want to deliver the most personal service possible, answering questions, coming up with headline ideas, helping with linkbait ideas, introducing you to a larger social network and helping with that digg submission (as long as the content is worthy).

I have put aside half my working time to help 20 people create killer linkbait campaigns. I will be teaching all I know, every trick in my playbook will be available to you. Nothing is going to be held back.

I know other linkbaiters want me to STFU, and who can blame them when they are making so much money selling expensive linkbait services. But, pass me that megaphone, I think I need to shout just a little bit louder.

In fact, other linkbaiters may hate me for what I am about to do as a number of people have told me they want to join so they can offer their own linkbaiting service. And why not, I believe in an abundance mentality, that there is more than enough work to go around. And the monthly fee can easily be recouped with just one linkbait sale.

Although it’s a monthly service, you can sign up for just one month if you prefer. I’m making it as transparent as I can, as I don’t see a need to be tricksy. I find Paypal the best for this kind of subscription as you can easily cancel your subscription with little difficulty. Some may only do one month, whilst others may do a year. It’s my intention to retain as many subscribers as possible by providing the most beneficial service I can.

I want those who sign up cranking out the most linkalicious linkbait ever seen in the history of mankind. I want to help you create linkbait which will make your competitors so jealous, they will gnaw off their own arms, all the way to the elbow.

As you can see, I am not going to craft an obnoxious sales letter for this. You know the kind, with the large red letters and the screaming headlines. “Sign up to my course right now!!!! Or your offspring will curse you!!!!

It’s not what I am about, I shoot from the hip, you either like it or you don’t. I want only serious people to sign up for this.


This course is for advanced members only. If you do not know what linkbait is, please do not join.

The Linkbait Coaching course will be launching on Monday, 2pm (UK time) June 16th

There is absolutely only 20 spots available, this is not a marketing gimmick, it is the limit of how many people I can give a great service to all at once. Once the spots have gone for that month, that’s it.

Sign up for the Linkbait Coaching email to be notified of where you can apply.

Those Who Never do Anything, Never Make Mistakes

Hands up, I made a mistake in publishing mental linkbait here, I think I got swept away on the success of it. The only way to ever avoid mistakes is to never do anything, balls to that.

Did I make a mistake with writing the original article, abso-friggin-lutely not, I would not have changed one thing, ok maybe one thing, I would have changed the name of the main protagonist to one of my long time mates, lol.

I realise success brings the haters out of the woodwork, most of them don’t seem to do much themselves so I guess they feel they can get a bit of heat from slagging my success. I think Jeremy Shoemaker has a lot of wise word to say about this.
[Read more...]

Dude, Where's the Mental post gone?

After discussing it with a number of trusted colleagues I have taken the step of putting the “Mental Linkbait” behind closed doors. I had thought discussing tactics in an open way was a good thing but it seems I am giving too much away and was attracting a crowd I really don’t have any time for.

I have little interest in discussing the ethics of linkbait, as far as I am concerned if it works and results are achieved then do it.

I am soon to launch a subscription only coaching program for linkbaiters, where tactics will be discussed and consultation given.

Sorry if you missed all the fun, but at the end of the day it did more harm than good discussing publicly such effective tactics.