Pay to Get a Digg Front Page


Diggs for sale It seems you can now pay for a front page digg. Great, where do I pay. Oh wait, it’s looks like you have to be a multinational corporation with a big fat wallet. I wonder how much Paramount has paid digg for the front page? So much for people power.

NO, That’s Not how You Game Digg

I submitted a story to digg about global banking which went hot, which I didn’t expect as there were no pictures of Megan Fox or explosions. But it got a front page no problem, which raises the question, do certain sites on digg get an artificial bump to the front page? But lets leave aside […]

Build Killer Content Rather than Sweating over building your DIGG Network

“Unfortunately the algorithm does not only look at submitters. Before a submission is promoted it must reach a certain number of votes within a 24 hour period. If every time User A submits a story, Users B-Z are the first to vote, the alarms are going to sound. Itís likely that when this happens, User […]