Facebook is Dead

Read a very interesting article over at Marketingweek.co.uk written by Mark Ritson, about fickle teens, and came across a great quote Do you really imagine that Facebook will remain the de-facto social media standard by the time today‚Äôs 13-year-olds … [Continue reading]

Fake Linkbait

You mean there is stuff on the Internads that is not true and just exists to get publicity, Oh no. Maybe Google should put a stop to this. This is brilliant and obviously shows how relatively easy it is to fake a viral hit on youtube, only the viral … [Continue reading]

BBC Recycling Own Blog Posts

This was the most read shared on the BBC today, note the date of publication. Since this was first published I have read this twice before. I wonder how much of the content on the BBC is reused. It does make sense to reblog when you have great stuff … [Continue reading]