Guest Post Linkbait

If I include “guest post” in a title, will I get lots of emails asking if they could get a guest post hosted and could they include a link back to their client who has a mobile toe clipping service? I made my first guest post in 1999, it was image based and was a […]

Social Media is not about the Conversation

I Tweeted this week that social media is not about the conversation? It had a few retweets and I thought I would post them here. lakey ‘The C-Word’ RT @lyndoman: If anyone says “it’s about the conversation” at a social media conference, throw a sticky bun at them. Friday, November 16, 2012 9:59:17 AM SceptreSocial […]

What Tools do you use for Outreach?

I will be honest, my outreach is limited because I mostly implement linkbait and so the linkers come to me. But sometimes you want something else and need to have a campaign to reach out to website owners and bloggers. You can do this with email, twitter, spreadsheets, text templates (modified to be personal of […]

The SEO Pond is Scumming up

Something beyond the hyperbole just happened in SEO. But you knew that right. Pushing SEO is like pushing a giant flaming marshmellow through a cage full of marmuts, it seemed like a good idea at the time. The focus is obviously on content, but it’s not. The focus is on people, that’s why you do […]

Most Common Mistake of Businesses using Facebook Pages

It’s much more useful if a companies Facebook page is about the benefits of customers using the service, than about what is happening at the company, for example, “We have just had the walls painted a very interesting magnolia colour here at Donotgetit Design ltd…..” It may be very important for you to give out […]

Linkbait on Twitter

I’m messing around with the new Twitter widget that allows you to embed Twitter feeds, I realise there are other ways of doing thing, but this is the official Twitter version which should make it more stable. Tweets about “#linkbait”

Testing the New Twitter Conversation Thread Widget

Tweets by @lyndoman Tweets by @twitter From Twitter: Today we’re bringing Twitter and the web closer together by launching new real-time tools for website developers. With our new embedded timelines you can place any public timeline on your website, connecting your readers with the Tweets that you and others create on Twitter. Embedded timelines

When seo no longer works what will you do?

You know that seo article that seems to pop up every month, usually under the guise of “seo is dead”? Well, what if you could no longer manipulate the search engine results pages? What if Google decided to serve up different but relevant results on a seven day cycle? There would be chaos in the […]