The Truth behind Crooked Trump and Crooked Hillary and Crooked Socrates

Crooked trump crooked hillary

Gasp! This chart clearly shows that Hillary Clinton is a crook.

Of course that is the dumbass way of looking at this chart, once you go deep into the reasons of this chart you find out something else is going on.

What this chart represents is the power of political spin.

If you are not fascinated how information is used to communicate and persuade, then you probably should not be a content marketer. Communication and persuasion is the essence of content marketing. As to the veracity of whether Trump or Hillary are crooks or not is beyond the scope of this blog and I shall leave it to you to work out on your own.

But, true or not. The power behind this tactic is self evident. News media is talking about it. Social media is talking about it and now I am talking about it.

Just for fun, let’s add a serious but boring issue, such as the “balance of payments”, for the United States only.


And if you are thinking that this type of debate is new, it’s been going on since the time of Socrates and I would love to have the time to detail the insults that were traded on the floor of the Roman Senate, but I don’t.

I shall leave you with this quote, When Mahatma Gandhi was asked, “What do you think of Western Civilisation?” He replied.
“I think it would be a good thing.”

It’s all about the nuance.

A New Year a new focus a new way of doing things

Stay on target


And hopefully a new outcome.

Very glad to be closing the door on 2015, which was a mix of high stress and high excitement. I made incredible, boner mistakes, mixed with deft, clever moves which always left me thinking, “did I really do that”.

Whenever you do something brilliant, don’t question it, don’t deconstruct, just quickly move on to the next thing and hope no one noticed how surprised you were that you pulled it off.

The converse is also true, although much more can be learned from mistakes than my wins.

I put down the mistakes to putting more effort into things I am daggy at than things I am cool and froody with.

I’ve noticed I have become very good at strategic, content marketing thinking. This is probably down to my experience in working in the space,  clocking it at 17 years. Although I still feel I am just getting started.

It’s with that thinking in late December of the previous year I decided to change things a little.

No more content creation work.

More hiring out my brain for strategic content work, mostly for organisations needing an outside voice that has walked the path of experience.

A new focus on a new start up I am launching, which will help people develop their content. Right now the only thing holding it back is deciding on a name. This is going to be a lot of fun and something that is crafted to be incredibly useful to anyone trying to develop their content marketing. More of this in later post.

Less distraction from social media, and from those whose output is always negative. To this end I have completely burned down my Twitter account to rebuild, based on people I like, people I learn from and people who inspire me.
In the past I have hesitated because I felt that part of the reason I wanted to follow someone was to influence them. That thinking feels wrong and does not work for me.

Authenticity cannot be constructed, you have to follow what you feel is right. Intuition is an amazing thing, listening to what your sub-conscious is telling you can bring real benefits.

This year will be more about doing stuff. Making stuff happen and travelling with people who share that mindset.

May your year give you want you want and need.


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Why I no longer follow you or anyone on Twitter

Star Wars Christmas tree

Today is the start of Advent, it is the tradition of giving something up in advance of the festivities of Christmas. Although it is supposed to be the nearest Sunday to St. Andrews Day (Scotland FTW) I like to think it starts when the kids start opening the advent calendars which is the 1st of December.

Quasi Christian/pagan festivities aside (lets not go there right now)  I thought it would be a good idea to give up social media for advent, well not entirely, but enough that it would be meaningful.

I have decided to defollow everyone on my Twitter account, it being my most used social media entity.

Will it hurt? Probably, but there are so many other outlets where I can get the skinny on what the people I follow are up to and of course I have quite a number of Twitter lists to keep me busy.

Am I afraid of people will no longer follow me because I no longer follow them? I hope not, but if they do were they worth following in the first place? And as this is a temporary experiment I can always follow back people again.

There is the issue of being able to message the people I follow back, but these days there are many paths to the door.

However, I thought it a waste to have a zero denoting the people I follow and quite powerful to have only one.

There are also people I have been following for over 7 years, I pretty much started using Twitter at the beginning. But Twitter is a tool, it is not the actual person who even the relationship, it is a conduit to connecting and communicating with people and pressing the reset button once in a while is a good thing, lets hope anyway.

So I have decided for advent to only follow one Twitter account, my favourite charity The National Autistic Society.

I shall now go and press the delete button, but first will get a cup of tea.

Will let you know letter if anything of note comes of this.

Update: I am now following Shelter Box, which is based in Cornwall and is an excellent charity. It also appeared with the Rock in San Andreas, so it has to be cool.


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What content is really about

Human Experience

A Thought provoking piece by Rand over at, but there is something he left out.

I always like the bear chasing story when educating about content, you have probably heard it but for those who haven’t.

Bear wants to kill two men.
One man quickly puts on his running shoes.
Other man says, “There is no point in putting on your running shoes. You will never outrun a bear.
Other guy says, “I don’t need to out run the bear, I just need to put on my running shoes and outrun you.”

It’s always been that way in SEO, you just have to get in front of the guy that’s in front of you and keep the guy behind you, behind you.

But things are a little different these days.

Actually things are a lot different these days.

There is too much emphasis on producing “killer content”.

Yes, you need to produce the best content than the other guy, but it’s the wrong focus.
You shouldn’t be focussing on building 10x content.

You need to build a brand that is 10x.

10x Content no longer cuts it in this town, baby. Let alone the “good content”, the average agency pumps out into the Universe.

Which is why Rand is wrong, the focus should not be on the content in the first place, the focus should be on, “How the hell do I want people to feel about my brand?”

Content should not be created simply by schleping over to and checking out a few search terms. It’s a dimensional shift from a keyword tool mouse click.

This stuff needs to be in your blood.

You need to be 10x passionate about your brand and get others excited about it too.

Of course you need content to get people excited, but that is only the symptom of your raging passion.

You need more than a tool, you need to know more, get up earlier, write more, meet more people, think longer, think harder than the other guy who is by now a high protein snack for the Grizzly bear.

People want to buy their stuff from people who are 10x living it. Who not only solve their problems, but provide insights into the future and a fantastic human experience.

People are hungry for experience.

Presenting a solution to a problem is becoming, megh. So what? Problems have become solvable at the click of a mouse, their value has been reduced.

But the value of the human experience has increased.

One thing I do think Rand Fishkin does very well, is that he has created a magnetic brand that is focused on tasty, human experience, which people find highly attractive. The 10x content produces is simply a by product of that space.

But content is not about content.

It’s about the human experience, and how people feel when connecting to your brand.