I Heart Links

I heart

I like Seth Godin. He talks, I listen. I hopefully learn. I link to Seth Godin because I like his books, they talk about interesting stuff like Josiah Wedgewood. I do not use the nofollow tag, as nofollow = numptiness I use contextual … [Continue reading]

How to contact Bloggers

Bona fides

An alternative headline would be, How to get people to do what you want by taking your thumb out of your ass! But I thought that may be too fruity at this time in the morning. Another day another slew of "link builders", "pr people" and … [Continue reading]

The Myth of Organic Links

Organic Links

There are no natural links There are no organic links But wait, all the seo industry keep banging on about you must have natural this and organic that. I say to that is, "we are not discussing peaches". And I love a good peach Quite … [Continue reading]