SEO is Dead

There has been a lot of navel gazing within the SEO industry this year. You couldn’t move without someone numpty publishing an SEO is Dead post This is mostly because the landscape has changed. The way Google ranks its results has changed. What was working within the SEO industry was not aligned with what Google […]

Press Release for Bongo Bongoland Campaign

This is the press release I wrote for the client FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DUNDEE MUSIC SHOP SENDS BONGOS TO UKIP MEP Dundee, Tayside, Scotland. Local music shop heard the concern of UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom about foreign aid money going to “Bongo Bongoland”, on the BBC Radio 4 radio show, the Today, programme. Confused […]

Bongo Bongo land Newsjacking example


This was a newsjacking campaign I ran today for a client, which I intend to use as a case study. It was a great success and proves that newsjacking as a marketing tool is effective when the right news story comes along, matched up with the right client and properly implemented. A UKIP MEP, Gofrey […]

Which Newsjacking gets the most attention

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Here’s a list of the most popular Newsjacking Alerts content we have put on this blog in order of most unique views: Newsjacking a Royal Baby Newsjacking Sports Direct for links Batman Superman Newsjacking ideas Killer Royal Baby Headline Ideas Payday Loans Newsjacking Wonga to feel the Wrath of God Fear that Robots are blasting […]

Payday Loans Newsjacking Wonga to feel the Wrath of God


The Church of England is going to crush the Payday Loans industry, well not quite. Hi Holiness the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby says the church will “compete” with Wonga. It has the infrastructure and cash to invoke a mighty credit union to lend money to the needy. One snag though, the Church […]

Is Content Marketing Crushing SEO?

As they say, it’s all in the data. I guess SEO is not dead quite yet. What does this tell us? Difficult to say and different people with different prejudices will see different things. I think SEO has successfully ingested different methodologies and retained public awareness of its importance. And it’s also become shorthand for […]