Content Marketing Training


Learn how to compete online, using content marketing.

I help people learn how to use content and publishing techniques to rank on Google and generate social media signals, specifics include:

  • Creating headlines that attracts
  • Using tribes to get an edge
  • Creating blog posts to get noticed
  • Types of content and which works for you
  • Themes of content you should be aware of
  • Psychographic targeting influential individuals
  • Developing a brand narrative
  • Social media marketing to fit your content and brand goals
  • Creating a live newsjack the easy way
  • Identifying hot stories within your sector
  • Using social media to build a tribe around a brand
  • Auditing content to discover value
  • Developing the creative process and culture
  • Dealing with negative social media
  • Planning a complete strategy
  • Researching a sector for content ideas
  • Creating a narrative around a product or service
  • Creating a campaign around a specific narrative

You can no longer just do content marketing to get ahead of the pack.

You must produce the most persuasive and influential content in your niche.

Second place is for those who drip out mediocre material.

If you want to be number one in your niche you have to be grinding out content that has a sharpened edge, that attracts, engages and persuades people to take action.

Wouldn’t you want your investment in content to actually have an ROI?

What is it you want to achieve with your content marketing?

I can tell you if you are being an addict or a dealer and why that is important.

Find out how to really use the concept of tribes to get the edge.

Learn how to apply neuroscience to all your content.

Learn to follow not what is trendy but works.

Discover the most common error websites are making with social media and how to fix it.

How to really create a good headline and it has nothing to do with writing.

By learning how to attract new customers and retain old customers by creating useful and attractive content, you will increase your ability to building your content marketing business.

Learning how to tap into the “conversation”, you take advantage of the huge amount of people using social media. Curating content and attracting interested prospects means your online presence will become an increased source of profit.

By teaching you to build a seamless process of creativity, content creation and content promotion. We can help you cut your online marketing budget by integrating the process in-house.

Contact us now to find out if you are suitable to book a training day.

Training can be performed on site, remotely or as a webinar.

The Content Creation Course

Content marketing training

The training will have 3 distinct sections, comprising of a number of modules

• Assessment
• Building
• Promoting
• Monitoring


To learn the ability of current staff and their capabilities.
To grade their cultural knowledge of specific hot topics.
Grade their structural knowledge of usability of online content
Rate their online, footprint of social influence
What they know about the main social media platforms and how to use it to a networking advantage.
Learn which websites they currently visit for ideas, networking etc.
Grade writing ability.
Creativity along linkbait best practice


To teach best practice content marketing to include:
• Networking
• Promotion
• Content creation

Covering the concept of “publishing”, not seo

Content creation:
Use of metaphor
Basic journalistic techniques

How to connect with people over email
How to influence using a twitter account
Creating an authoritative bio
Be useful

Basic best practice of outreach
What not to do
Using social media leaders
Where to promote and where not to

Giving real time feedback on production and outreach
Holding group sessions for ideas
Enabling team to be critical of each other in a constructive way
Highlighting content marketing opportunities (Newsjacking)

Methodolgy of training

Group video conferences
Finding those with a natural ability within the team to teach and lead.
Written step by step guides outlining best practice
Exposure to case studies that excel
Feedback on what is an not working through reports and video
Helping the participants to learn by doing
An initial video course that takes trainees, step by step through each process, whilst creating their own content marketing skills by doing.

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