Content Marketing Consulting for Digital Agencies

I offer consulting on content marketing for digital agencies and in-house teams. Helping develop a strategy plan for you to implement.

Get in touch if you want to take advantage of my experience and knowledge.

  • Bespoke content ideas
  • Bespoke headline ideas
  • Advice with building a creative and productive in-house or outsourced team
  • Promotion help with specific content
  • Promotion advice to build promotion capability in-house
  • Social media strategy
  • Content creation strategy
  • Promotion strategy

Training in the art of content marketing

You want to increase the level of content marketing services you offer but don’t know where to start.

Your staff spend more time messing around on Facebook than they do creating content strategies that help your clients pull in links and traffic.

You have spent thousands on going to conferences to be told the new technique, but do not know how to organise it all into an attractive offering to clients.

I can offer strategic consultation specifically designed for digital agencies. Using my experience of over 15 years in the industry working with the likes of Tesco, Factory Media, Arena Media (now part of the Havas Group), HSBC etc, all the way down to affiliate sites run by an SME.

Showing your staff the content possibilities in which to sell to clients. Inspiring your team to be able to craft innovative and effective content strategies.

A content plan, a social media plan, a content marketing plan should work together to deliver results. Whilst all the time operating in a brand building mode.

Content marketing consulting

You want to increase the revenue of your online assets but need help in navigating the techniques and concepts.

Publishing content online and then using that content to increase revenue is a tried and tested technique. Being at the forefront of these new strategies I am able to provide you with insightful and strategic thinking about how you should be taking advantage of content marketing.

I am also able to help you form strategies and processes at the granular level, enabling your staff and network to provide an increased level of effective output.

Content creation consulting

You have a blog, but what to do next?

First you should stop thinking of it as blogging and think of it as a way to communicate with the online world. I can help formulate a content plan which will reflect your goals and online strategy.

Producing effective content that increases brand awareness and builds profitable leads is a highly effective way of complimenting your marketing plan. People seek information online, if you are able to provide online consumers with the information they are looking for it puts you one step closer to closing that deal.

I can help you decided what kind of content plan you need which could last you for a whole year. I can help you create a content diary and plan your content and connect you with trusted outsourcers who can implement content creation and content promotion. I can also help train your staff to do such work, thus keeping it in-house.

Social media consulting

Should you be creating a Facebook presence or is Linkedin more useful?

Social media has presented us with a low cost way to connect with people, but the space has fragmented. Different social media platforms cater for different tribes and even different products and services. Knowing where to put your social media investment can make your revenue increase exponentially, get it wrong and it becomes a very hungry black hole.

I can help you by analysing your marketing and using my extensive experience to find out where you should be investing your social media budget.


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