Latest MoonFruit Twitter Promo Press

Updated web mentions on the #moonfruit campaign. Rebirth of a startup Techcrunch New Media Age, they seem to have forgotten to link Moonfruit Just Moonwalked All Over Michael Jackson, Ryan Healy How brands are buying and earning followers on Twitter, Jeremiah Owyang Twitter Needs a Spam Filter? No, We Need a Marketer Filter, Read Write […]

Moonfruit Twitter Buzz Promo Going Mental

The second day of the Moonfruit Macbook promo is over and today I counted 99 tweets of #moonfruit in 60 secs. I chose one minute and random and counted. That’s insane. They went from 1,000 odd followers to 30,000 and these are not the numpty followers that so called social media wannabe assholes get by […]

Incredible Viral Marketing

This went out live on UK TV last night. The goal was for the skydivers to spell out Honda within the time alloted for the commercial. I wonder if failure would have brought even more attention, it certainly took hold of peoples imagination and brought something interesting and imaginative to TV advertising.