Why Saying No Can Mean More People Saying Yes.

Sometimes, you just have to say no. When building a social network whose main aim is to improve your social media marketing strategy you have to say no at some point when someone asks if you would put your name to a social media submission.

It doesn’t much matter if your account is new and disposable, but if you have spent years building an account, submitting or giving the thumbs up to the wrong page can cause your power account to become a little less powerful.

I would say this is more important on Stumbleupon than on digg. Your blog page on Stumble defines how people will see you, how you are branded, whereas on digg, what you voted for fades into the noise. It’s very important when building accounts to understand cultural nuances of specific sites. [Read more…]

Avatar Grunge

With having to change servers recently, I have misplaced my modified template. This caused the blog to go back in time 6 months to when I had Blogcatalog.com (sic) avatars showing up each time a visit from a blogcatalog user came onto the site. You know the thing, mybloglog and bumpzee do the same thing.

When I saw the avatars of scantily clad women and seemingly fresh out of the can mugshots alongside my content. I realised my blog had past a point in it’s career and could not go back. When starting out, these blogging systems were great in raising exposure and becoming part of the community. However, where this blog is now, having the avatars show is like coming across a Blackpool tattoo parlour in a Venetian Piazza. [Read more…]

Google Reporting This Site as Dangerous

Unfortunately, it’s not in the James Bond or Jason Bourne dangerous, more of the blow your computer up kinda dangerous. If you see a search for this blog you will see that Google is reporting it as dangerous in the SERPS. It is not of course, the problem is the server was hacked to send out 60k emails, also there was a mysql injection attack which sprinkled dodgy links all over the prose.

Google was notified last week I had scrubbed the dirt out of the system, now I wait until they move their gargantuan muscles to sort it out.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual, although not on Google. If you have a Google guy on speed dial it would be great if the issue can be resolved. To be honest I only get ten percent of traffic through Google, but it still converts into clients and it doesn’t look good when you have the appearence of a cyber terrorist.

Lets hope Google can resolve the issue quickly, getting hacked is a rite of passage, although I’ve been hacked before, so don’t need the bragging rights.

Thanks for all those who contacted me to point this out.

StumbleUpon Day

I’ve decided to make today Stumbleupon day, I’m going to Stumble more pages than ever before and review a ton of Stumblers.

Let me know if you want your stumble blog reviewed in the comments below with a link to your stumble blog, this may mean other people will visit your blog.

I think this will help me connect with new Stumblers, I think I have stumbled most of my network, this will help me fill in the gap.

You don’t have to stumble me back, this is not what this is about. [Read more…]

Who is Your SEO Blog For?

When I started this seo blog my question was, who is it for? Who do I want to read this blog? This is a very useful question to ask, probably a question you should ask constantly for about a week as you mooch around coffee shops drinking mocha and reading the latest Britney Spears gossip from Heat magazine.

It’s actually a very difficult part of the process of blogging as most of the times you just want to get stuck in, eager to make some noise and get your words making guest appearances in other peoples brains.

Time spent before you first make that delicious act of pressing the publish button on thinking about who your seo blog is for is very, very well spent. This may sound daft, but I spent two years thinking about it, mostly it was a thought which lived comfortably in the back of my mind, warming itself on the warm embers of self loathing. But a year ago it came out into the cold, hard, winter sun and let itself be known.
[Read more…]