Moonfruit Bigger than Jacko

Yesterday a free website builder called Moonfruit became the most twittered about company on the Planet.

Bigger even than Michael Jackson.

Here’s how the front page of Twitter looked today.


They showed how a proper Twitter marketing campaign should be run. Giving a Macbook Pro away each day for 10 days, and all you need to do is to tweet #moonfruit. It still has 9 days to run.

A lot of people don’t understand Twitter, those that do reap the rewards. But it’s not about replicating what has already been done, you have to throw a little imagination at the problem.

Things are moving fast.

As always.

It’s no longer about getting the digg front page, that’s now old school.

Now, right now. Not yesterday, but right now, it’s all about the buzz.

Twitter is merely a tool as is digg. A tool to create buzz, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

The real prize these days goes to those who can capture the consciousness of millions of people. The technology enables you to do it, for only a few thousand quid you can…… well. You know the rest.

Watch out for what Moonfruit do in the future, they are a company who have the ability to do grasp the nature of what is happening and take advantage of it.

Those who get it, get it all.


So far they have been mentioned in Brand Republic and Mashable, I am sure that’s just the start.

Analysis of an SEO story going Viral on Twitter

I tweeted, The Future of seo. From one of the UK’s top seo companies,

The following retweeted the story.


The total number of followers these account represents around 21,000 people. Is there going to overlap, as in the same person following twice? Probably. Are everyone of those followers going to be online at that time? Doubtful.

How many of the remaining number actually click through? I cannot calculate, but the webmaster of the targeted website cam. From there they can construct an idea of conversion rate of a retweet.

It remains to be known the value of a story going viral. My definition of a viral is where someone passed a story on that another person had picked up.

This story has obviously a highly focused audience and not likely to leek into the mass market. But not many people need to see it to be a successful post. Sometimes I have found only one person needs to read a post for it to be successful.

We don’t yet know the power of a retweet, but those who have spent their lives steeped in the world of the viral for the past few years know something very interesting is happening.

We can feel the heat, even though we cannot measure the burn effect of the viral.

Building Twitter Real Estate

Which leads me to another aspect. How do you get people to retweet your stuff. Most of the principles of linkbait apply here, you give people the reason to retweet.

Most people don’t get that. I do a lot of training and it’s amazing how such a simple, fundamental aspect of online networking gets overlooked.

Give people a reason to reteet your stuff.

I don’t have time to go into this in more detail, but here’s a clue. The above accounts all retweeted the story. Do you think they are worth following?

Do you think tweeting quality information is going to get you retweeted?

Do you think they will be motivated in any way to tweeting this story?

I know a lot of social media marketers wished I would stop blogging and giving away all the tricks. But I just can’t help it, I love to share 😉

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How Many Laptops do you Have?

A lot of people have said that twitter is a great place to get content, feedback, etc.

So, I realised I had too many laptops, I have four and thinking about getting a Macbook. So I aksed on twitter, How many laptops do you have?

I instantly got a bunch of replies which I have posted here.

Luv my Macbook. Go for it.
actually, I didn’t tell you I have 2 laptops. My 1st, a Mac Powerbook, is almost nine years old and still going great.

I had an iBook which is now my fiancée’s and I now have a MacBookPro (2-3 yrs old). I’m fighting the urge to buy a Netbook though!

A Macbook pro, A Toshiba satellite, An HP and a Dell. So four.

I have two pc laptops and am currently working on my mac. Not a macbook though it a Imac:)

three at present, like you still considering the mac…..

I’m one behind you with 3 – one has been in the copboard for about 7 years however.

I own two macbooks and you will not be let down. you will love it

I haven’t got any.

Macbook PRO, Macbook, Powerbook & an HP.

just 1 new macbook (awesome) and like 4-5 custom PC’s for various uses. with a computer already in every room who needs a laptop?

I have 2 and my wife has 2, but hers are both corporate.

I’ve cut down from 4 laptops to 1. My current unit is a MacBook, and I love it

No, I am not trying to rank for laptops. I am simply illuminating a useful way of using twitter. A way in which I have not really abused used much so far.

If you want to be added to the list, simply tweet at me your laptop numbers. @lyndoman

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563,456 Top Twitter Tools Reviewed

Have you noticed there is a fashion to blog about twitter tools these days, but instead of including 3 or 4, you have to wade through 50 or 60. Most in a list fashion with no real indicator of the usefulness of the tool.

You would have more chance getting links to the post if you demonstrated your use and knowledge of these tools, perhaps giving a score out of ten.

I realise when a new tool hits town ( although some of us have been using it for over a year ) it’s common for a bunch of duplicate posts to come to the fore. But it’s getting a little ridiculous.

And don’t get me started about all these Twitter “experts” who seem to have cropped up like mildew on a cold wet wall.

All I say to that is, “don’t ask a fat man for dieting tips”.

And if you have just joined Twitter, don’t call yourself a Social Media Expert”. You are more likely to be seen as a twat, than a twit.