What My Twitter Followers Talk About

It seems like there is a new Twitter service every time I sit down at computer. Here’s a new one, Twitter Sheep, it gives you a tag cloud of words which are being used by your twitter followers. Very interesting for finding keywords. Here are a list of keywords my followers use. strategist new addict […]

Twitter Follower Recommendation

I read this post and really liked it and liked the thinking of the blogger. It’s not an easy read, it wont help you get rich quick, those with ADD will have a problem finishing it. He’s not a friend, he’s not a client, I don’t owe him money, we didn’t meet at a conference […]

The Problem With Linkbait

When you have every social media marketing blog loaded in your RSS reader, you soon come to identify a problem within the space. The problem is the term Linkbait, it is overused, misused and stretched to cover almost all content ever published on the web. Different definitions of linkbait I have heard: A top ten […]