Cornwall Local Politicians Social Media Offer

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It’s going to be an interesting election in the UK in a few months. It will be the first to use social media extensively. I am sure many will get it wrong and a few will get it right. And for us in the social media marketing industry it will be fun to watch.

Rather than helping out only one political party I am going to donate time and advice to any local politician who desires it. Democracy is very important and such knowledge should not only be the preserve of those who can afford such advice.

So, advice on Twitter, Facebook, using social media sites to create viral messages. All that good stuff is available.

I am sure most have their plans already to go and are quite up to speed, but there is no harm in taking extra advice, even if you ignore it.

I will be keeping my voting preferences secret though, so don’t expect special treatment.

Email me at:

Note: This offer is not open to political groups who promote racist views.

Feed your Friends, Starve your Enemies


It’s an ancient tactic and one which works online as much as anywhere else, even more so.

When someone links to this blog with content above a certain quality threshold I will Stumble, Sphinn, Delicious that content. I may even Twitter if the content is appropriate.

The reason being is to boost the power and authority of that page and the link. Also, some traffic will travel down that link to its destination.

This technique is why a lot of generous and naturally nice people succeed in blogging, they constantly feed their friends and starve their enemies.

You can apply the same principle to Twitter. You recommend people to follow the friends who recommend to their friends to follow you. You help build their account, because if they are saying nice things about you, you want they to have a bigger audience.

Can this be used for evil? Possibly, but the people I see working this technique seem to genuinely enjoy sharing it around. I know I do, it simply is a natural thing to build up your friends whilst ignoring your enemies.

When I say enemies I am really saying people who would never do anything for you, whilst you do everything for them. In the strict definition of the word they are not your enemies as in they may not even know you exist. They are an enemy to your progress online if you spend resources on them.

Spend your resources on your friends, not the big cheese, online super hero blogger. Too many people clamoring for attention. They simply don’t have the time to help you.

But if you’re friends with the “up and comers”, these are the people who can give you the leg up, these people have time for you. Hunt them down and do nice things for them often. They will notice you and do nice things back.

It’s all very karmic in the end. If you want to get ahead in music, don’t try to get advice on Bono, go find the best Pub band in your area and buy them a Kitkat. Or a pint. These are the guys who have the potential to help you.

Now go out and do some good.

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Getting the Twitterati to Talk about You

Chris Winfield of published a blog post today about Twitter. It’s a great example that if you talk about those who talk, you are going to be talked about.

Most marketing is common sense. Big up ten people and you will find ten people bigging you up in return.

Does this represent a new label for movers and shakers? Is this the start of numerous posts on how to attract the Twitterati?

When Chris published his post Twitter Wrote This Column For Me my Twitter feed lit up with people linking to it. Why? Because he was talking about them. Now, that’s not the only thing going for the post, it’s an interesting post in its own right and anything Chris writes I am going to read and people are going to talk about. Continue reading “Getting the Twitterati to Talk about You”