Getting Ruthless with Information Overload

This may be hard for some to understand.

But, I am going to stop following everyone on my main Twitter account.

There are a number of reasons for this and a number of advantages.

Of course there will be some disadvantages

  • Some people will get the hump and stop following me
  • I might miss out on a tasty morsel of info
  • I get behind in SEO gossip

I don’t mind if some people stop following me, as I will be using my Twitter account other than to get people to follow me on Twitter. As I have numerous searches and lists running on Tweetdeck I can still be plugged in to needed information whilst reducing distraction.

I use RSS feeds a lot and use Reader on my iPhone to make sure I get enough tasty morsels to keep me fed.

SEO gossip, doesn’t pay the rent and it can seriously suck up time.

I think I joined Twitter back in 2007, and to keep using it in the same way I used it then is nuts, because my business model has changed. And so the way I use Twitter must also change. I now run a large team of link builders and offer a specific link building service to clients which takes up a lot of time.

Distraction is a big problem for me and I score high on ADD tests, so I have to work hard to reduce the possible distractions and get RUTHLESS.

As tweeting is no longer something I need to cultivate to generate new business or do a spot of brand building, it diminishes in its ability to justify itself in the current form I use it.

So, I am going to dump all followers and use it in a more focussed form, which will probably be more conversational and reach out to new networks and new people.

I would only advise others to do this if it fits with your business model.

My tweets will be ripe and full of juice and if you are in the business of SEO, online marketing, social media etc. It will still be worthwhile to follow me.

But if not, no probs.

After all, it’s only business 😉

ps. If you think it feels like you work for Twitter, rather than getting Twitter to work for you, you may want to have a long, ruthless, think about this.

Where is PRWSocial?

There is a “PR & Social Media In Practice” on today.

I noticed it in my twitter feed, #PRWSocial, which is fine. But then I went to Google and did the search thing and had to wade through a bunch of twitter nonsense before I could get to the meat, which was the offical PRWSocial page.

Which is here if you are looking.

The point is they failed to optimise for the tweet tag before they launched.

Why is this important?

Well, if you have a bunch of PR people yammering on about social media whilst their fingers are leaving grease marks on their iPhones from the canapes tweeting about the conference, you need for people who stumble across the tweet stream to be able to bang the hashtag into Google and get to the page that tells you what it’s all about.

PR people must find it tricky to tweet from their iPhones, what with their wrists being weighed down by those really heavy Rolex watches 😉

So in future guys, know that social media must be integrated into your entire online marketing strategy and that includes SEO.

It’s the same if you are going to build a digital camera review blog, you must integrate to maximise the effect.

It’s interesting how the PR industry is so slow to really take advantage of social media. Meanwhile, it is the SEO professional who is the true master of this domain.

You think you know your World? think again

| found this on the blog of Ruth Mortimer and had to have it on mine.

You have to sit very quietly (yes that means switching twitter off) and still and think about the stuff in this clip before you can get a hint of what it might really mean. As most of you wont sit quietly and think, you will have a disadvantage to those that do.

But don’t worry, because you can hire those that do to point you in the right direction.

What is Social Media? Part 2

Part 1 of What is Social Media is here

There is so much written, blogged, twittered about social media it’s like a thousand overweight elephants trying to get into the Krispy Kreme kiosk at Paddington Station. All at the same time.

So here it is. This is what social media is.

It’s just a bunch of people talking. And that’s it.

That is the essence. Its fundamental nature.

If you don’t get that fact, if that is not the basis of your understanding, then you don’t get social media.

Sure there are lots of forms of social media and we can go into the technical issues and the nuanced ways they are delivered, and the different tribes and culture, blah blah blah. But it’s already been done, ask the elephants munching on their Krispy Kremes

But it does not change the fact that social media is a just a bunch of people talking.