Diggs for Sale

Maybe this post should read, “Digg for sale”. A few thoughts on what is happening on digg. First, I’m not following the current convo regarding the latest changes at digg closely as there will be a period of flux where nothing of worth really settles. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great, geeky, soap opera […]

Why Am I Bad at SEO?

I have to confess, I am really bad at optimising my web pages. And the reason is this, “It’s not knowledge that holds most people back in SEO, it’s Implementation”. … which was something I tweeted a couple of hours ago whilst reading an seo forum. I have to say, link builder, Debra Mastaler and […]

Social Media Myth No. 1 “It’s about the conversation”

“Social media is all about the conversation”, I think that phrase started to rankle me around last July and I couldn’t figure out why. It’s something I have taught people in my training class for years, so it’s not like I haven’t agreed with it. Blog – people comment – you reply – they blog […]

UK SEO Company Goes Bust

I first heard about Lattitude having problems from Dave Naylor’s blog The Telegraph is also reporting the story. I’ve worked with the Lattitude guys before and chat with the seo guys on a regular basis and I can say they know how to cook it. They didn’t go down because they were bad at seo, […]

Link Building to the Right Kind of Tunes

Music to link build to. Building links with linkbait can sometimes by a labour and time intensive process leaving you drained quicker than snakes ass in Death Valley. Here’s a selection of tunes to help ease the link building or linkbaiting process along. Still smells fresh. Nirvana, Smells like Teen Spirit This one is jammed […]

Do I really Need to Hire a Social Media Consultant?

Yes you do. A successful social-media campaign integrates social media into the many elements of marketing, including advertising, digital and PR. Opinion and theory are no match for experience and the best social media marketers now have more than 10 years of experience incorporating interactivity, blogs, forums, user-generated content and contests into online marketing. Adage […]

Pay to Get a Digg Front Page


Diggs for sale It seems you can now pay for a front page digg. Great, where do I pay. Oh wait, it’s looks like you have to be a multinational corporation with a big fat wallet. I wonder how much Paramount has paid digg for the front page? So much for people power.