Digg is Back, Choking on the Foul Stench that is Facebook

Remove or keep digg in your FB timeline?

Digg.com has been rebooted, as they say.

They’ve done a few odd things, like deleting 14 million indexed links which have caused sharp intakes of breathes from seo people.

You have to understand that whilst it seems that some actually care about digg as a website and business, what they are really objecting to is that digg may not worth bothering about when it comes to manipulating helping stories that benefit themselves.

Gaming digg became a rather profitable cottage industry in its day. And we are looking to see if it’s going to be worth investing resources to start gaming it again. I’m thinking no, but that could change.

Whilst I think the site as a business is going to achieve a decent ROI for its owners, I don’t think it has that radical edge that uber social media geeks need to get passionate about.

Sites like this need passion, as the reality is without it they are just lumps of crafted digital data with an advertising banner on top. It needs rabid fans.

Right now it feels a little plastic and has certainly not get the crowd raving on their swivel chairs.

Also, the Facebook curse has fallen upon it, causing you to only be able log in whilst letting your mates know exactly what you are up to.

Makes you thankful for fake Facebook accounts, of which Facebook has plenty of. This may end when Facebook insists on entering our genetic code to open an account.

As a place to find interesting stuff, it’s mildly interesting. Led me to a story about illegal Olympic WiFi detection, which is useful as there is a potential to create linkbait for a client out of that story.

I say, don’t ditch digg just yet. Keep one eye on it, but with a fake FB account.

Google Kicks Moneysupermarket.com Share Price in the Balls

A few years ago I made the joke about Google buying digg.com and turning it into an affiliate site for gardening products.

After Google has now become a credit card affiliate and giving itself preferred ranking in its search engine it seems it is now competing with the very same sites it has indexed in its search engine.

Moneysupermarket.com gets a third of its revenue from Google organic searches and investment analysts are warning that Googles move into making money from credit card sales could wipe out two-thirds of moneysupermarket.com’s earnings. And the share price has dropped 8.1 per cent lower at 116.2p, its sharpest daily fall in four years.

Does this mean it’s the right time for those relying on Google to seek viable alternatives? But as Google has a virtual monopoly on internet search it’s difficult to see where else to go.

It’s one thing when a website has to worry about another competitor setting up a website, but when Google squats its Billion dollar corporate ass over your niche you may as well pack up and go home.

Time to think beyond Google


Top WordPress Plugins

cbnet Ping Optimizer
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Simple Tags
W3 Total Cache
WordPress SEO
StatPress Reloaded

I first install Plugin Central, this allows me to auto install the above. Which can save a huge amount of time when installing a large number of WordPress installs.

What Plugins would you add to the above?

SEO Infographic – Does Google Really Hate Affiliate Marketers?

Over the years I have noticed Google going through several changes in its relationship with affiliate marketers. It could be argued that Google is more of an affiliate marketer itself, rather than an organised of the Worlds Information. So when it comes to a relationship with the affiliate World, it’s not going to be straight forward. However, if you take into account the business goals of Google it becomes apparent that most of its actions are congruent with its motivation.

Affiliates do like to have a moan about Google, especially if it effects them negatively, but it’s useful to understand that it’s not personal, it’s business. And that Google is simple following it’s natural proclivity to ruthlessly achieve it’s goals.

When Google trips up, there are more than enough people watching to highlight the fact, and rightly so, the enormous power Google wields over the average person is rather worrying. Add to that fact that Google only pays 2% tax in the UK, allegedly, and you get a growing sense of unease about the way it does business. Plus, the nice and fluffy people who run it now are not always going to be running it.

And so, lets take a peek at an infographic detailing the relationship between Google and Affiliates. It does raise some very interesting points.

Google Hates Affiliates.

Internet Marketing Infographics by SEO Book

SEO Blog of the Year 2011

The winner of the 2011 SEO Blog of the Year award goes to Hobo-web

Written by Shaun Anderson, it delivers the goods in useful, actionable chunks.
It doesn’t go overboard with over long posts, and is to the point and fat free.

I’ve been following the blog since 2007 and Shaun always gives spot on advice with very little crappola mixed in. Some of his advice I have implemented and it’s been very helpful.

Definitely a blog to add to your feeds.

Tomorrow will be, SEO blog post of the year.