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Donut addicts, learn killer content techniques in a 5 day frenzy of linkbait knowledge

It has come to my attention that some people cannot afford the £200 a month fee for linkbait coaching because of the affliction donut addiction. Being a recovering addict myself I am well aware how this evil affliction can soak up any spare cash.

Especially when you have to walk past a Krispy Kreme shop every day to get to work.

And so to help out any donut addicts, today only I am offering bitesize membership offerings to everyone.

For only £50 you can get a 5 day access pass to Linkbait Coaching.

Instead of dropping a £50 note on a bag of donuts, learn about how you can create linkalicious content.

A word of warning though. The content contained within the Linkbait Coaching forum is extremely rich and full of killer content ideas. As I write this there are 2,999 posts on the forum. It is physically possible to read all 2,999 posts within 5 days but I cannot be liable for any mental problems which may ensue if you attempt to do this.

If creating content for links is your thing, then I strongly suggest you check this out.

This offer is only available for 24 hours.

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How to Get Creative

My job is mostly about being creative, coming up with web content ideas, creating headlines, writing copy etc. It’s usually quite easy for me to do this and I have always thought that this could be taught, which is what I do at Linkbait Coaching.

Because I feel that it’s simply about having the right mind set, being in the correct mode and not having to be some mad creative genius.

Today I came across a video that reinforced everything that I believe about being creative. The video is by John Cleese, and it is well worth watching. But if you are in a hurry I had jotted down some notes below.

<- Notes begin "Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating", John Cleese Creativity is not an ability that you either have or do not have, it is absolutely unrelated to IQ as long as you are above a minimum. The most creative people simply have developed a facility to get into a certain mood or way of operating to allow there natural creative to function. In other words an ability to play and to play for it’s own sake.

The closed mode is a business at work mode, but it is not creative. The open mode is more playful there is no pressure, there is time to play.

Open mode is the curiosity

We need to be in the open mode to ponder a problem, but then switch to the closed mode to implement it decisively, undistracted by doubts about its effectiveness.

There are certain conditions that are conducive to the open mode


Space and time is needed for unlimited play

It’s easier to do trivial things that are urgent and it’s easier to do little things than things we are not sure of.

Most creative professionals are prepared to spend more time with a problem and so create more creative and original solutions.

Keep you mind gently around the problem

Notes end->

I strongly suggest you watch the video if in any way you are connected to creativity. I provide the open mind, the playful creative space. If you find creativity difficult when it comes to content creation get in touch.

We are always playing and always have a free roaming mind generating threads and threads of creative goodness on the forums.

Sometimes it simply makes sense to hire a specialist than to try and muddle through.

Linkbait headline ideas for London based events website

Parts of this blog post were previously posted on Linkbait Coaching

Creating a list of potential headlines for a specific niche is a worthwhile start to any linkbaiting work. I would suggest:

  • Turn off email, twitter etc
  • Turn off computer (if you can) and use paper and pen
  • Allow at least two hours, the first hour is mostly about getting the brain into gear for the second hour
  • Consider the wildest of headlines, let your mind roam
  • It helps if the content somewhat reflects the headline, although this does not always have to be the case.
  • Walk and record ideas on your iPhone, if you are worried if people think you are mad, pretend you are talking to a client.
  • Test ideas of other people, but make sure they are being honest and not saying they don’t like the idea because they think you smell funny.

OK, here are a bunch of ideas I came up with for an events based website that is somewhat focussed on London. It’s an important part ofwhat we do on Linkbait Coaching all the time.

10 Concerts that rocked the captial. (Stones in the park, Live Aid etc)
10 Tips on buying scaled tickets
10 Tips on sel;ling scalped tickets
10 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy scalped tickets
Google Maps mash up to busking
10 Worst stage divers
How to get past security at a rock concert
10 Best riots at football matches
10 buy executive boxes at London Football stadia
Why it sounds weird referring to the plural of a stadium as stadia
10 Similarities of gladiators and footballers
10 Rock stars who electrocuted themselves in concerts
10 Best London concert halls/stadia for toilets
Essential tips for going to the toilet at a concert
10 reasons you are an idiot taking pictures of your Rock here on your mobile phone
10 Reasons Lady Gaga wont be attending Glynbourne
Top London football clubs owned by foreigners
Why Maddona will not be playing Lady MacBeth at the RSC
Power politics at the Covent Garden Opera house
Most haunted Theatres in London
London theatres to arm actors to make Americans more comfortable
Shakespearien actors who translate to the silver screen (Berkoff, McEwan etc.)
How to tackle noisy people at the theatre
10 Reasons why beer should be served whilst you watch the opera
10 reasons scaffolders don’t go to the opera. (if brave you could interview scaffolders about this and offer audio)
How to pick up chicks at rock concerts
10 Outrageous divas who have played Wembly
Obviously many of these headlines can be interchanged or mashed up with others to hit the sweet spot. I have used “rock” as an interchangable term for any kind of style. There is a lot of juice to be had out of the physical aspect of the concert venue, offering tips of the best and worst place to sit, toilet, food, exit etc.

London has a lot of history but linkalicious content tends to have a contemporary feel, comparisons with the past and the present work very well.
Would Shakespeare write different plays for the Globe if he used an iPad?