Content Marketing is making every Brand a Publisher

We know a massive disruption is occurring right now in publishing. Not only are old media like Newspapers under attack from the likes of blogs, but brands themselves are taking to online publishing or what some call content marketing. Before, these brands would advertise in the old media, taking out adverts and buying advertorials. Now […]

Methodology of Content Marketing

Engaging content

. A methodology should underpin the tactic which supports the content strategy. . . The tactic I use is the tactic of the story, and of seeking a deep understanding of how narrative psychology works can give you the edge . Ultimately the best way to get links is on merit, and in as natural […]

Best Cornish Pasty in Truro

I know this may be slightly off the beaten path of digital marketing, but I just want to let you know that if you are ever find yourself in Truro, the best pasties can be found at Rowes. What with the Govenment making the pasty 20% more expensive, I thought a shout out to my […]

Quick Few Thoughts on Content Marketing Before I finish my Porridge

The online marketing industry is using the term “content marketing”, widely and consistently. Which means I must use it too, even though I have an urge to write a 10k word essay on the subject of why it shouldn’t be used. Thinking, rather than acting can sometimes (not always) hurt the bottom line. As Linkbait […]

Why Content Marketing is the Wrong Way Round

Content marketing is the wrong term, as I have discussed before, you are not marketing content, you are using content to attract people to you website to be persuaded to perform specific actions such as purchasing, lead generation etc. You are not marketing content, but creating magnetic content. Content that not only attracts, but is […]