Tribal Content will help your SEO

Tribal Content

You need to get tribal with your content marketing.

No Longer is SEO about building that one massive link

And as I have been talking about for a while now, it’s about building your Tribe.

The tribe is your main focus, not links. Links come because of the tribe.

The tribe builds the brand.

The tribe in many ways is the brand.

Look at my post on cognitiveSEO regarding how Shopping Comparison sites are using various tribes to build out their content marketing strategy.

Their keyword is the BRAND.

You get people to talk about your brand.

The conversations I am having with other SEOs is that this is what Google is looking at. We need more research on this and I am definitely going to be looking more into it.


Find out what your tribe is about.
Use other tribes to increase the power of your own tribe.

In the meantime, smoke a peace pipe and chill.

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Creative Infographic Example

You take something that is very funny, “Alan Partridge”.
You add a hard to “get links”, subject like “retirement”.
You then add the mechanics and methodology of infographic creation and you have a tasy bit of content marketing.


In my recent article about creating links for boring industires, for cognitiveSEO, I detail the process of doing this.

Creative thinking in content marketing is very hard, as you have to keep producing content at an ever increasing rate. And as Mitch Joel has cheekily suggested Content Marketing is Dead, it isn’t of course and never will be. But he uses the thought to intelligently explore a different way of thinking about content marketing and comes up with the line…

They want to feel like the finished products deserves its space in the book store… or on your Kindle. Authors only publish things that have real value.

Think about this. Take a published author and commission them to write a 30,000 word book to be published for Amazon Kindle. It would probably cost the same as a few infographics. I don’t see anyone doing that right now.

But we will.

Having created a short and snappy, but highly useful book with actionable content, I know how such a think raises your profile.

Instead of knocking out the odd blog post, commission a book.
Are any of your competitors doing this?

If you need help with this matter or any other content marketing issue, get in touch and I will tell you a few other cool things you could do that your competitors are not.

A Content Creation Course

Content creation machine

We create content to get links.

We create linkbait to get links.

Linkbait is about content not about links.

Links are the result, not the production. You produce content to get links, you do not build links you build content. (lets get away from this mindset of building links and focus on the reality that is building content for human beings to read)
Content That solves problems gets links

We are not in the seo, link building, web master business, we are in the solving problem business.
The reader is looking for solutions, not content. Linkers love solutions. (It may be content, but is it a solution. (We need to adopt the mind set of problem solvers, not web masters).

Content as a term is an abstract, solutions is the specific focus that works.

To be able to publish solutions you must first know the problem. These are the problems within your niche.
To know the problem you must know your niche.

You don’t have to know your niche, but you should know someone who knows your niche. Publishing solutions can be outsourced.
General information has little or no value , solutions that address specific problems has high value. Intensive research can produce all the problem solving content you will need. Again, this can be outsourced.

Outsourcing, your team must include someone who is an expert in your niche.

You cannot dominate a niche unless you have someone on your team who is an expert, or better still, you are the expert.

The strategic aim is to dominate the niche, we do this by being useful.

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Using the News to help with Content Marketing and SEO

Frustrated blogger

Knowing what to blog about, to create content about every day is a bit of a task. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible. Of course you need content that works rather than the filler that most other blogs and websites churn out. You need to create content for people rather than the Google bot.

One effective way to keep the content ideas fresh, is to create content around the news.

The news has a few things going for it from a content marketers perspective.

  • It changes every day
  • People talk about it on social media
  • People hunger for more detail about a specific news story
  • Not all news is bad, negative or depressing

There are many examples of succesful content marketers surfing this news wave every day. It’s not exactly newsjacking, that’s another thing, but it is using that jump off point of the news to further the narrative.

Examples of last week include fly tipping in Essex, the latest Kim Kardashian story (remember your content is competing with Kim Kardashian’s Ass), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and lets not forget Star Wars.

Black Friday was interesting, especially in the UK. There were a large number of people in the “megh” camp, who just couldn’t be bothered to get excited about saving money on a bargain. And even in Cornwall the excitement was in the barely bothered camp.

I talked to traders about this, Bakery 46 and Near and Far Nepalese Clothing and Bakery 46 both said it was pretty much like any other Friday and not much difference. You may argue that such small traders cannot climb onto the Black Friday wagon, but there there is news there is content marketing opportunities and small traders can absolutely benefit from a relatively cheap form of marketing.

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