How to create new Content ideas for Blog articles, SEO Viral content…

I’ve never found coming up with content ideas a problem.

But I know others do, and this is not because I am more intelligent than them, it’s because these people have their skill set focused on another areas, such as web design, programming, seo… etc.

It’s also because their heads are full of the successful stuff they have just seen, but you can’t just copy and get away with it. You have to add another element, you have to take nothing, and create something.

A lot is talked about creating content, but very little on the process of coming up with new, fresh, vibrant ideas. This is probably because very few can do it, very few can teach it and most of those who can do it cannot explain it.

These are the simple steps you need to take to create content ideas


Ingest means first creating a state of mind that allows you to suck in as much content as possible and then deconstruct it to its constituent components. Figuring out exactly why it works.

Daydream, means to allow the mind to wander amongst its vast library of memories, create “what if’s”, or “what would they think if I did that?”. all the while underpinned by the knowledge about what excites people and why.

Go wild, means to have no barriers. Freedom of thinking and criticism. To know where the line is you first need to cross it. You wont be able to cross it if you are sitting in an office, at a desk, under fluorescent light, wondering how come the boss can afford a Porsche and not buy decent coffee for the office. You need the ability and permission to roam the desert, searching for the shamen who will give you the answers.

Write, means you have to do the work. You have to stare at the blank page of nothingness and engage. If you have a problem with this, start to write whatever is in your head. If you can’t do that you need to either train in the craft or change careers or take up something easy like SEO 😉

You need the knowledge and you need the process. This creates the state of mine, the 1,000 yard stare any content idea creator develops after a while in the trenches.

Some people think coming up with ideas is easy, but unless you are actually pushing the ideas out into the world, then they will only ever stay an idea in your head.

Noob Farming

As a gamer I am well aware of the concept of “Noob Farming“. But it could also be applied in the content and publishing world.

Noob farming

The most fruitful harvest an expert can bring in is if they farm fresh noobs. People who are at the beginning of the learning cycle are always more hungry and more plentiful because most do not level up.

The art of providing the most basic level of information in a particular niche is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals.

But it is very hard for someone who is expert in a niche to bother themselves with planting, cultivating and harvesting noobs. Those who can are never going to go hungry.

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The Magnificence of Creating Content on the Web

Cornwall sunset

From my twitter feed, earlier today.

Content creators take nothingness and fill the void.

How cool if you fill the void with a special kind of wonderful

Content creators taking nothingness and fill the void.
How cool if you fill the void with a special kind of wonderful

Especially in SEO, when grinding it out.
We forget the magnificence of human communication.

I am looking to start 2015 out differently.

With a different attitude to creating content.

We tend to allow the act of creating content to become too mechanical, feeding only the Google bot. Rather than seeing it for what it is, the magnificence of communication between one human being and another or between one human being and many.

I fully realise how “hippy dippy” and hopelessly idealistic that may sound. But think about that for a moment if you do not fear the path it will take you down.

The level of human communication we now have is staggering.

The quality of that communication is something that as a content creator, I take direct responsibility for.

Remember, if you Tweet, Facebook, blog, etc. you too are a content creator.

This year is my year of training others. I am making myself available to share what I know, teach what I have done, to coach, motivate, direct those who want to take their content creation to a higher level.

2015 is going to be about Total Availablity

I will come to your office
I will come to your conference
I will write for your audience
I will Skype, Hangout, Facebook, Connect to your crowd


I’m going in

Let me know if you want some of that.

You can email me
You can Tweet me lyndoman
You can Facebook me
You can Google+ me
You can Linkedin me

Lets make 2015 Magnificent

How Best to Create Topical Content


Creating topical content seems relative easy, simply see what news is trending and blog about it. However, like most things in life it’s not that simple.

Target the sexy topics

Take a popular topic such as Bitcoin and mix it with the topic of the site such as here with Ecigarettes and Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been covered extensively by the mainstream media recently. Before that is was avidly talked about on social media and even before that it generated lots of content on specialist websites.

Where there is conversation and news around a popular subject there is a potential to pick up links and social signals. Of course it’s become far easier to pick up social signals these days than links as blog owners are savvy about the value of their linkage. However, an authority blog would never simply link because of payment and would do so along the lines that the content is both useful and interesting to its readers.

The content should not take advantage of tragedy

Producing content around human misery is for proper news organisations, not marketing types, as discovered here by Hubspot with their now removed 5 Hurricane Sandy Newsjacks from Marketers. Newsjacking is similar to reblogging or curating topical content however is better described when it is creating an additional element of news such as I did here with the Bongo Bongo Land Newsjack. Where the additional element of a pair of bongos was introduced to the story. Any newsjacking is made more effective if an offline element is introduced.

The content has to have some connection with your core subject.

Back in the old days you could simply throw up any kind of content on a well linked to website and have it rank. But Google is continually investing in contextually correct information in their search results, Hummingbird is the latest iteration of this goal, but it is ongoing and has been in continual operation for many years. Rand Fiskin of Moz has an interesting take on Hummingbird. Most seo bloggers seem somewhat shocked that Google is constantly improving their results, but Google has been focused on producing better results for many years now. Which is why content has to be contextually correct. At a stretch you could blog about something like, How much is Twitter worth on a website dedicated to saving people money and the cost of things.

Feed your rabid fans

Content should be geared towards your fans, of whom you should know what kind of content that gets them excited. As long as your core fans are happy. If you are in the keep fit niche, make sure you create content which appeals to your core fans, as this content about How a Tough Guy can test fitness, which not only appeals to the core fans of this website, but also offers useful, interesting information for a wider group of people. With the Tough Guy race

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