How Best to Create Topical Content


Creating topical content seems relative easy, simply see what news is trending and blog about it. However, like most things in life it’s not that simple.

Target the sexy topics

Take a popular topic such as Bitcoin and mix it with the topic of the site such as here with Ecigarettes and Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been covered extensively by the mainstream media recently. Before that is was avidly talked about on social media and even before that it generated lots of content on specialist websites.

Where there is conversation and news around a popular subject there is a potential to pick up links and social signals. Of course it’s become far easier to pick up social signals these days than links as blog owners are savvy about the value of their linkage. However, an authority blog would never simply link because of payment and would do so along the lines that the content is both useful and interesting to its readers.

The content should not take advantage of tragedy

Producing content around human misery is for proper news organisations, not marketing types, as discovered here by Hubspot with their now removed 5 Hurricane Sandy Newsjacks from Marketers. Newsjacking is similar to reblogging or curating topical content however is better described when it is creating an additional element of news such as I did here with the Bongo Bongo Land Newsjack. Where the additional element of a pair of bongos was introduced to the story. Any newsjacking is made more effective if an offline element is introduced.

The content has to have some connection with your core subject.

Back in the old days you could simply throw up any kind of content on a well linked to website and have it rank. But Google is continually investing in contextually correct information in their search results, Hummingbird is the latest iteration of this goal, but it is ongoing and has been in continual operation for many years. Rand Fiskin of Moz has an interesting take on Hummingbird. Most seo bloggers seem somewhat shocked that Google is constantly improving their results, but Google has been focused on producing better results for many years now. Which is why content has to be contextually correct. At a stretch you could blog about something like, How much is Twitter worth on a website dedicated to saving people money and the cost of things.

Feed your rabid fans

Content should be geared towards your fans, of whom you should know what kind of content that gets them excited. As long as your core fans are happy. If you are in the keep fit niche, make sure you create content which appeals to your core fans, as this content about How a Tough Guy can test fitness, which not only appeals to the core fans of this website, but also offers useful, interesting information for a wider group of people. With the Tough Guy race

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The Ben Sherman shirt wearing SEO types need to learn how to apply eye liner more effectively.


A report from Channel 4 regarding those who create makeup videos for Youtube and who are crushing the big brands.

Yes I am aware that information architecture is important, and when presenting a website with over 100k web pages to the world, you better be in the hands of a well caffeinated, hardcore SEO type.

But most websites don’t need an uber SEO super geek.

Most can get by on a set of rules which can be learned in a day.

Most business don’t need a full on SEO, but they do need a bit of lip gloss.

Lets get binary

SEO = Anaylitical
Social media = Emotional

Broadly this is true, but those social media types who get SEO and those SEO types who get social media will always dominate.

Specialisation in each discipline will always be useful, but that means you become a Cheetah, rather than a Coyote. The Cheetah is a superb killing machine, and has evolved into something that does one thing very, very well and is magnificent. The Coyote on the other hand is a mangy dog, an opportunist willing take whatever it get it’s stinking paws on.

The Cheetah is endangered.

The Coyote thrives.

Becoming an Outlier is not sound strategic thinking

We know a few things are certain in the online space, one of those is change.

  • The mechanism of the platforms and the way people use online platforms such as Google, Facebook etc. will change.
  • The fundamentals of what attracts people and gets them to do stuff will not change.

The emotional trigger is far more likely to get a click through, a retweet, a thumbs up and even a link, than any rational content proposal.

So don’t you think you should learn about the emotional triggers which should define your content production, if you wish to get links?

This is what I will be teaching for this outing of Linkbait Coaching. Whaddya mean shameless plug, I don’t do this as a hobby.

But getting back to these female, make up Youtubers. How can a brand compete with these? It can’t, so it buys them. They will pound any SEO Rockstar into the ground in a rabid fan based cage fight, they command vast armies of high disposable income, “OMG I WUV U”, type people.

Completely irrational, completely emotional. But if you, as the “Ben Sherman SEO type”, can watch the above video and take certain techniques from it to add to your poker/forex/tech websites then you will win.

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You will become a Coyote.
You will have evolved.

If this resonates and you want to go deeper with this stuff, sign up at Linkbait Coaching and lets have some fun.

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How to Increase the Traffic to your website


The New York Times has a great article about viral video.

I found this quote very interesting


It’s written by Natalie Kitroeff, and it’s very good, go read it.

What is interesting is they didn’t say tell the truth, make it more intellectual, or make it be visually stunning.

It’s all about the emotion.

You have to engage emotionally.

The character of Linkbait is all about emotion.

But here’s the thing, most people are proud. People want to appear more intelligent and well read than they actually are and so will ignore the creation of the simple emotional signal for the complex intellectual one. I am guilty of this. It’s not about dumbing down, it’s simply about understanding how the human brain works and how it reacts to some dumb video.

The journalist wants the cat to die, because that is what happens and that is what journalists do, they report the facts.

The viral expert wants the cat to live because a positive emotion is more likely to be shared than a negative one.

Thing is, people will not tell you what they really like, but they will show you by what they react to and what they allow on their screens and into their minds.

Creating website melting traffic is not about intellect, it’s about being savvy about the human mind.

Never be a fan of the Platform


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, are all platforms.

Social media is the mechanical part of reaching people, everything else is fluff.

Being a fan of a platform makes you irrational, the word fan being derived from “fanatical”.

You need to use the platform and not the other way round.

They are tools, and should be used only to fit into your strategy of Empire Building

Love shooting the breeze on Facebook?
Describe yourself as a “social media evangelist”? This is not for you, please leave now and never return.

Social media is a means to an end and not a destination.

We have been given social media to allow us to ruthlessly use it for our own gain. Never forget that a social media platform has been created to ruthlessly scrape cash into the alligator leather wallets of the venture capitalists. They don’t do it to be your friend.

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