How to Create Great Content Ideas from the News Hook

Using the news hook to create a link attracting piece of content is a great way to marketing your website. It’s difficult to constantly come up with content ideas that work.

By looking at the news and creating content around what everyone is talking about helps your content get noticed, passed around on social media and also get links. Most people are hungry for more information regarding the current news, but most news agencies simply repeat the same information. If you could put a spin on the current news story and fold the theme of your niche within the content, you can creating high quality content.

On linkbait coaching we have a special section where we discuss the news, knock around ideas for content around the news, come up with headlines for specific niches etc. Basically we provide a constant stream of content ideas and headline ideas. It’s relatively easy to then take these building blocks and create your own content, saving a lot of cash by not having to hire that linkbait consultant.

Right now we have an offer, you can check out the service for £50 for 5 days, if you have sucked all the info you are able to, cancel the account and on your way. However for those wishing to continue to get a stream of edgy, hot topic content advice the fee is £200 a month. This of course comes with all the other coaching help that Linkbait Coaching provides.

Below is a list of a sample of the threads in the “News on Crack”, forum. For those with Linkbait Coaching membership you can click on the link and get access to the thread, for those who are not, sorry, you need to sign up.


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Content Marketing is making every Brand a Publisher

We know a massive disruption is occurring right now in publishing. Not only are old media like Newspapers under attack from the likes of blogs, but brands themselves are taking to online publishing or what some call content marketing.

Before, these brands would advertise in the old media, taking out adverts and buying advertorials. Now the brands themselves are creating content in which to build their brand, attract new customers, increase customer attention etc.

Although technology is allowing a brand or small business to become a publisher of web content and little cost, it is the story or the narrative of the message that is the true King.

Because, it’s not that content is king, most are wrong about this. Content is not King, it’s actually worthless. What is King is The Story. Unless the narrative grabs you emotionally and pulls you in, the content may as well be a pile of grey dust, stepped over on the way to buy a donut.

A lot of online properties have built themselves on foundations of waste pits of garbage content, churned out with no love and a couple of dollars thrown the writers way. Google with it’s not too recent updates put paid to that.

You can no longer build empires of online real estate using the Pyramid method, where the lowest level is garbage and links up to the next level which gets better and better in quality, till at the summit you actually get to the point where you have something you actually want to read.

Efficiencies in scale are always important when it comes to publishing. But if the content you produce does not resonate, does not connect, what’s the point.

Teaching content marketing on Linkbait Coaching daily means I come into contact with people who get this, along with:

  • An understanding you have to think before you create
  • Knowledge that real people need to desire the content
  • Time and resources will be needed to create quality content
  • We should be in the publishing mindset and not the seo mindset
  • We create for people, not search engines
  • Links are a natural effect of our work

Talking to a lot of SEO agencies, I get a feeling that some do not yet get the fact they are in publishing, rather than busting algos.

The story and a deep understanding on the pyschological needs of other humans are now the key weapons in the fight for eyeballs and sales in the World of online marketing.

Getting The Story right is the most important thing an online business can be doing right now in terms of internet marketing.

Methodology of Content Marketing


A methodology should underpin the tactic which supports the content strategy.



The tactic I use is the tactic of the story, and of seeking a deep understanding of how narrative psychology works can give you the edge


Ultimately the best way to get links is on merit, and in as natural as fashion as possible.


Passion can create a lot of content.


Its how Google wants to do things

Its how we would all like search engines to organise information.

And so sometimes we do have to reach for a bag of tricks.

But in my experience, getting links on merit by building content that is worthy of sharing is still the most effective way to achieve a ranking in the search engine ranking pages.

But its not enough to simply have fantastic content, quality is subjective and a client and a linker may disagree what quality is.

Content also needs to be promoted, marketed. If you are not passionate about the content you will not be passionate about the promotion.

So, a web pages with a collection of dead kittens in wine glasses? Is that quality? And yet it gets links.




Passionate, creative, single themed websites gets links

Creative content that connects and engages with specific audiences will get links.

Simple ideas done with passion and love will win over engineered fakeness. Real communication is the best tactic you can deploy.

Donut addicts, learn killer content techniques in a 5 day frenzy of linkbait knowledge

It has come to my attention that some people cannot afford the £200 a month fee for linkbait coaching because of the affliction donut addiction. Being a recovering addict myself I am well aware how this evil affliction can soak up any spare cash.

Especially when you have to walk past a Krispy Kreme shop every day to get to work.

And so to help out any donut addicts, today only I am offering bitesize membership offerings to everyone.

For only £50 you can get a 5 day access pass to Linkbait Coaching.

Instead of dropping a £50 note on a bag of donuts, learn about how you can create linkalicious content.

A word of warning though. The content contained within the Linkbait Coaching forum is extremely rich and full of killer content ideas. As I write this there are 2,999 posts on the forum. It is physically possible to read all 2,999 posts within 5 days but I cannot be liable for any mental problems which may ensue if you attempt to do this.

If creating content for links is your thing, then I strongly suggest you check this out.

This offer is only available for 24 hours.

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