Truro Local SEO is sometimes not that Local you mean Cornwall or Nova Scotia

Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral
Truro Cathedral, in Cornwall, not Nova Scotia.

With all it’s shed loads of Phd genius hordes and mountains of tax avoided cash stashed in Caribbean Island, banks. It still cannot tell that I like in Truro, Cornwall, UK, rather than Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.



A quick search for Wolf of Wall St. revealed it thinks I would be interested in watching the movie on a different continent, thousands of miles away. I am sure Novia Scotia has fine cinemas, but the travel costs may negate any pleasure I get from the movie. Although considering the topic, perhaps it would be in keeping if I dropped a grand to go watch a movie.

I have given Google lots of clues. my G+ account is Cornwall, my blog, which my G+ account is tied with has Cornwall in the domain name, my emails are laden with keywords about Cornwall and I know they are looking at my emails (OK the bot is) as they track my advertising delivery.

I understand the technology in place is not yet sophisticated enough to understand I don’t need to see a cinema listing located thousands of miles away and that the argument may be there is just not any other content worthy of my attention regarding these keywords. But I don’t buy that.

If you are going to track then track correctly. I am not one of the tin foil hat wearers who is worried about Google tracking me, I am only worried that they are not explicit about how they are tracking me and their intentions. But I know others are worried about an American corporation with possible links to the NSA.

I’m not worried, as they can’t even figure out which continent I live on.

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