Facebook is Dead


Read a very interesting article over at Marketingweek.co.uk written by Mark Ritson, about fickle teens, and came across a great quote

Do you really imagine that Facebook will remain the de-facto social media standard by the time today’s 13-year-olds exit the teenage segment in 2020? Do you really believe Facebook is somehow immune from the same disease that infected MySpace?

The writer goes on to say.

The data supporting a teen defection from Facebook remains qualitative at this stage. I am certainly in no position to suggest that Facebook is already losing teen users or that they are already spending less time on the site. But the key lesson from Abercrombie is that while Facebook’s teen downfall may not yet be upon us, it is nonetheless inevitable and will be expeditious once it begins.

There is a saying in share trading, “trying to buy at the bottom of the market is like trying to catching a falling knife”.

Likewise basing your business decisions on if and when a particular social media system is no longer worth the ROI is not very efficient and you could easily get stabbed in the back of the hand by the falling knife.

Google trends reporting for searches based on in quotes, “Facebook is Dead”.

facebook is dead

We cannot predict when the fall from grace will happen, but we can design our online marketing strategy to be nimble, fast and adaptable. If you are told, “you need to get ready for change.”

You are listening to the wrong people.

Change has to be in your DNA.

When things move online they move fast, you need to be adaptable. If you think, “I’ve marketed on Facebook, it’s been good to me so I will always market on FB.” You will be dead.

Adaptability should be hard wired into your online marketing plan.

It should seep into your content marketing strategy to take advantage of techniques like Newsjacking, where you need to act swift and decisively.

The image is of Shackleton, a man who was able to adapt to enormous changes in his situation and survive a disasterous journey to the South Pole. You can get a great book about his journey, Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage to the Antarctic

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4 Replies to “Facebook is Dead”

  1. Nice article Lyndon,

    Kids these days, ay? Facebook just isn’t cool… and the kids seem to be unenthusiastic to join the same social networks as the ones their parents have been a part of for some time, for obvious and understandable reasons.

    Whether Facebook will ever truly die or make a move back to exclusively targeting age groups or demographics remains to be seen. As long as Facebook can keep hold of these demographics it will always been seen as another avenue for marketing, just not with the same broad brush stroke that it currently allows for.

  2. for me facebook is a time killing machine.
    I don’t want my kids to be on facebook as it stopping them to play outdoor games and making friends.
    It is also distract them from study.

  3. Some will say “No way! This is alarming.” same as me. 😀
    Facebook helps us become connected and updated. I think social media are helpful if you’ll use it in a way that could help you. It depends how you use it.
    Hmm We cannot blame our parents if they hate seeing their teenagers Facebooking while studying. It is never possible because it is a distraction and a possible reason of failing grades.

    In addition, internet marketers and business people are using Facebook to magnet customers.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social news site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  4. As a company leader with branches in Europe I love the Google+ network to share and distribute usefull content. But in practice I am sitting many hours of the day at front of facebook because this is the place where I meet my clients – the young ones, the older ones. So I think facebook will be the future communication tool for people. I speak for the european countries where I am engaged mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Holland and Denmark. I think for facebook its important to become a search-machin like Google. Than it has a great chance to dominate the mainstream-markets in the internet. Many regards from Germany, Elke Greim Lisa Sprachreisen

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