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Sports Direct shop workers hit the jackpot

2,000 Sports Direct staff to receive £100,000 bonus after record profits
Workers hit the jackpot after profits soar 40% to £200m, as sports retailer reaps benefits of 2012’s summer of sport

If you are in the sporting good niche this is an easy story to newsjack. You could offer Sports Direct employees a free bonus. For example, if you sell iPad covers you could offer a free cover to every Sports Direct employee who gets in contact with you in the next 24 hours.

Maybe something better than an iPad cover.

If you are selling a sports product you could offer a free product worth £50 -£100 to anyone working for another retail outlet, saying you don’t want them to be left out.

If you were a local shop you could make the offer open to anyone getting to your shop with their Sports Direct wage slip and offer them something tasty like an iPad mini.

Sell sports bras

Give an uplift to a local sports charities, free sports bras to local sports groups. The idea is that getting a gift is always fun. By celebrating the Sports Direct payout to staff you offer firm support to your local sports groups.

Other niches can take advantage of the concept of rewarding good work and use this story to launch a bonus for staff or even customers.

it would be a brave company that rewarded the staff of their competition, but I am thinking this would make a strong story. if there was some way you could put a caveat on the deal to limit the take up but increase the narrative.

I want to explore this idea further and see if we can come up with a digitally delivered version.

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  1. I love to see you SEOs integrate PR into what you do. I’ll be honest, you guys go for the basic but effective tactics, but on the whole i am impressed. however, imagine a load of PRs trying to SEO a website. It would be a disaster 🙂

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