Is Content Marketing Crushing SEO?

As they say, it’s all in the data.

I guess SEO is not dead quite yet.

What does this tell us?
Difficult to say and different people with different prejudices will see different things.

I think SEO has successfully ingested different methodologies and retained public awareness of its importance. And it’s also become shorthand for ranking in Google.

“How is your SEO?”

“Oh I rank at number 3.”

It may not be right, but this is how people are communicating. It’s no longer about optimising a website so that Google can crawl it effectively. You may not think that if you are in the industry, but it’s how normal, regular people refer to it. And so if we want to communicate with non seo people we need to use their language.

I wont be performing a 301 on this site to my Spread Betting site just yet.