Cosmetic Surgery SEO Newsjacking Alert Example from the Apprentice


We know how competitive “cosmetic surgery” SEO is and so that anything that can give us the edge is useful.

If you have a cosmetic surgery client you have probably already created a piece of content about Dr Leah Totton winning this years Apprentice. If you haven’t there is still time, the story is still warm but chilling as fast as a Polar Bears toenail.

But here is the bit to get your teeth into:

Thousands of viewers have called into the BBC asking for cosmetic surgery help as a result of watching the final of ‘The Apprentice’.

From Huffington Post

The thing to note is the Dr Leah Totton story is still in the popular section. As any linbkaiter wielding a large sharpened news hook knows, you target that which is in the public’s focus.

Andrea is probably joking BBC viewers suddenly realising they want to be injected with gallons of Botox (surely thousands of treatments would be over a gallon of Botox juice), but it’s a good gag and it engages you with the content.

I know I always bang on about headlines being crucial, but in the 3 step formula of linkbait it’s Attract, Engage and get a reaction. Once you have the attention of the reader through a killer headline you have to engage. A juicy line, an interesting first paragraph is what will be needed to engage the reader with the rest of the content.

The reaction that this piece of content wants is probably a social signal (note how low the Google+ social signal is).

Where to now?

Having identified that this is still a story, I would recommend a reaction post to the anti- Dr Leah Totton sentiment, which was to be expected. Reacting to this post would be an obvious one and attempting to engage the writer of the piece over social media is always a way to continue the engaging narrative.

This story is going to have long term viability in the cosmetic space because a real, well funded business backed by Lord Sugar will be happening and is going to be of interest.

Oh and ranking form “Dr Leah”, which is the name of the business, should be added to your targeted keywords if in the cosmetic surgery space.

Stories or narratives, are the bread and butter of the Newsjacker. I will in a future post tell you more about how telling stories is crucial in getting a website ranked in Google.

This is an article from the forthcoming Newsjacking Alerts service