SEO Blog of the Year 2011

The winner of the 2011 SEO Blog of the Year award goes to Hobo-web

Written by Shaun Anderson, it delivers the goods in useful, actionable chunks.
It doesn’t go overboard with over long posts, and is to the point and fat free.

I’ve been following the blog since 2007 and Shaun always gives spot on advice with very little crappola mixed in. Some of his advice I have implemented and it’s been very helpful.

Definitely a blog to add to your feeds.

Tomorrow will be, SEO blog post of the year.

SEO Tool of the Year 2011

The winner of the 2011 seo tool of the year award goes to:

It wins by simply providing the tools with which to do the job.

If you are into seo or link building, go check it out via the link.

They don’t bullshit you with facile marketing sales speak.
They engage using social media in an open and honest way.
Their logo is based on an animal which pecks the eyeballs out of dead road kill. What’s not to like.

Please add your own choice in the comments.

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Link Building Strategy gets more complex

In 2011 a few things changed in the world of link building, as is always the case. But add that to the cumulative changes that have gone before and we can see things have changed quite a bit. And guess what, things are going to continue to change.

I predict that they will change to the point where getting a link from a website to determine where your website is placed in Google will become less and less important. We see from the rise of social media the effect it can have on marketing budgets, indeed this website ironically has never really bothered with link building or SEO. Right from the start we went for social media, the thinking being the agencies who buy our services consume social media.

You go where the eyeballs are.

Being number one in Google for link building will earn you lots of dosh, but it isn’t the only way. Anyone starting in the SEO or link building would be wise to go the social route.

However, if you are selling plumbing supplies in Cornwall, you should be going for Google and that means link building. Add a social strategy to that which folds into a content marketing strategy and you are going to dominate.

Right now 12% of retail is done online, it is predicted the figure will rise to 25% in 2015. Yes, it’s a growing sector, but the competition for eyeballs is increasing.

We live in fascinating times and must keep our minds open to new opportunities and get ready with matches to burn our totems. Hmmm, not sure if that reference works, but you know what I mean. Don’t get hung up thinking anything is going to stay the same.

Look to the horizon and breathe deeply the air.

This blog post was in response to:

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