When seo no longer works what will you do?

You know that seo article that seems to pop up every month, usually under the guise of “seo is dead”?

Well, what if you could no longer manipulate the search engine results pages?

What if Google decided to serve up different but relevant results on a seven day cycle?

There would be chaos in the seo World (again).

If you are in the seo industry step back for one moment and ask yourself a question. Do you think it’s sensible to build your business dependent on the whims of another company? A company who does not rely on you for it’s bread, and in many ways thinks you are scum?

But the thing is, as I write this, seo works. Even with Panda, Penguin and the not often talked about, Polar Bear – crappy links work, paid links work, even Xrummer blasts still works.

And whilst they work they will still be used.

It would be nuts not to take advantage of that.

Such practices are regarded by some as snake oil, but with snake oil there are zero results.

However, the positive effect that these practices give could be gone tomorrow. But you always knew that didn’t you.

Surely you have a back up plan?

Surely you didn’t think it would be the same forever?

Ed Dale thinks that Winter is coming.

Usually I take little notice of articles on this theme as it is overused and sensationalised. Most people who do the “seo is dead” article tend to be those who don’t get linkbait.

But Ed gets linkbait.

And he has announced winter is coming more than once.

When someone like Ed says stuff like this, I listen.

Don’t bother looking for this stuff on seo blogs, you really think they are going to pronounce the death of their business?

Own your traffic source

This website has ironically never really bothered much about Google rankings, this is because people who buy my services tend to connect over Twitter or chat to me after a conference presentation or hear about me on the grapevine.

Social media brings in the bread, so why bother with Google?

Linkbait interests me because linkbait is fundamentally about attracting people, engaging them and causing reaction, the fact is we slap a label on it and call it linkbait and use it to get links. But the skills and techniques you learn as a linkbaiter can easily be used for other purposes.

  • Sales pages
  • Branding
  • Pre sell
  • Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging


You don’t have to rely on Google if:

  • If you are into creating apps for the iPhone
  • You have an email list
  • You are a market leader
  • If you have a membership site
  • If when you Tweet enough people listen
  • If you pwn Facebook
  • You make the best donuts on the block


I have no idea when things will change. But they will.

Prepare! For winter is about to fall and the dead will roam the land.

4 thoughts on “When seo no longer works what will you do?”

  1. Definitely agree to a point, but some of these examples you gave are just shifting dependency.

    Why do you think you’re safer building a business that relies on Twitter, Facebook, or Apple than you are relying on Google? Those aren’t traffic sources you own, either.

  2. @Ian, I don’t think we are comparing like for like. Appearing in the Google results pages is a lot different to having a following on a specific social platform such as Twitter.

    If Twitter was bought by someone who turned the domain into a Bird Cage affiliate site, it would be a simple case of searching for my Twitter username elsewhere. People connect because they want to connect and if they wish to continue they will do so.

    But ranking on Google, simply isn’t the same thing as people are probably not looking for you as they already know where you are.

    Facebook is slightly different again because it’s a content platform as well as a social connecting platform, and as we have seen, Facebook can change it’s terms of use whenever it suits them. It is free after all.

    What I do own is my brand, and services such as Twitter are more useful in that regards than they are in Google. Although with G+ you can now build a brand.

  3. When SEO no longer works, you switch to user experience/CRO/Social media/email marketing. Essentially, that marketing message which creates a human need connection that sells your service/product.

    If you’re an SEO, you probably do it for some form of profit – and if profit is the end result, then certainly there are many SEO-similar activities on the web that drive traffic. As SEO gets increasingly harder, the focus will shift to greener pastures of higher return on investment.

  4. I don’t think SEO will disappear any time soon and if it does it won’t disappear from all search engines at once. If Google some how removes SEO factors, I would market on big and yahoo for bigger markets so they are still profitable. And if that is not even an option I would change channels into primarily PPC and Social.

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