1. Dave says

    Not to this extreme but my employer is seeing this happen with one of our most important phrases. It can vary from day to day or even hour to hour but we are running up against a site that sometimes has the first *seven* organic results all locked up for this key phrase.

  2. says

    There should be (and probably is) a site for odd google results. This one looks like a result from the ‘golden days’…. when as an SEO, your site could absolutely dominate the results.
    Funny thing is that your site now ranks first. Nice site – may want to check the broken link on coaching sign-up!

  3. says

    mmm – interesting vid lyndon – i see your site now holding the top 3 listings for “mobile phone link bait” but swap it to “linkbait mobile phone” i get you 1 and that quirk blog in 2 – twitters thereafter…

    I noticed a while ago google doing this in pages beyond the first page and even reported one as spam on a lonely night… but you have top 100 on expand above and goog has always pulled listings together when you have it like that, thus pulled inner pages in.

    I smell an update – but no – not moving to bing by any long shot. this was good and recent though

    ah gotta love change in the air!

    Nice vid – thanks for sharing!


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