Methodology of Content Marketing


A methodology should underpin the tactic which supports the content strategy.



The tactic I use is the tactic of the story, and of seeking a deep understanding of how narrative psychology works can give you the edge


Ultimately the best way to get links is on merit, and in as natural as fashion as possible.


Passion can create a lot of content.


Its how Google wants to do things

Its how we would all like search engines to organise information.

And so sometimes we do have to reach for a bag of tricks.

But in my experience, getting links on merit by building content that is worthy of sharing is still the most effective way to achieve a ranking in the search engine ranking pages.

But its not enough to simply have fantastic content, quality is subjective and a client and a linker may disagree what quality is.

Content also needs to be promoted, marketed. If you are not passionate about the content you will not be passionate about the promotion.

So, a web pages with a collection of dead kittens in wine glasses? Is that quality? And yet it gets links.




Passionate, creative, single themed websites gets links

Creative content that connects and engages with specific audiences will get links.

Simple ideas done with passion and love will win over engineered fakeness. Real communication is the best tactic you can deploy.

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