Great Online Marketing Posts for April

I post some of the best blog posts from the World of online marketing and other other stuff that takes my fancy on a special section of Linkbait Coaching.
As we are half way through the month, I thought I would post what has been collected so far. Some really interesting stuff here.
Hope you find this useful
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Digital Marketing Conference from the North News

I’ve been invited to speak at the Ionsearch, the advanced search marketing conference is in Leeds on the 18th of April, you can still get tickets if you hurry.

It has a very impressive speaker list including; Lee Odden, Ralph Tegtmeier aka Fantomaster, Dave Synder of Blueglass (these guys consistently produce top quality stuff, Martin MacDonald of Expedia, Patrick Altoft, Kevin Gibbons and a bunch more.

There are a few people who I have not heard of and am interested in learning more about. I am glad it’s only one day though, I find my brain hoovers up so much info it very quickly gets full.

There is a guy from Google going and looks like he’s going to rave about how great and wonderful G+ is, and interestingly Nick Garner from a gambling, gaming company is going to share insights on how beneficial G+ has been for them. Always ready to be convinced.

So it should be an interesting day, say hi and chat if we meet. It’s always great hearing other peoples experiences and views, which is frankly the best part of a conference.

Best Cornish Pasty in Truro

I know this may be slightly off the beaten path of digital marketing, but I just want to let you know that if you are ever find yourself in Truro, the best pasties can be found at Rowes. What with the Govenment making the pasty 20% more expensive, I thought a shout out to my local pasty maker was called for.

And no they are not a client and no cash was passed under or over the table for this post, and no pasty either. Although any pasties that are sent are welcome 😉

There are other pasty makers who claim to be better and a lot of kitchen table outfits that go for the gourmet market. But these tend to be eaten by the tourists, Rowes is the place where the locals eat at. And there is always a queue when the pasty’s come out the oven.

OK, now making myself hungry again.

Their website looks cool too, although look at they only have 281 likes on their Facebook page and it’s a shame they didn’t knock up any magnetic content around the recent Pastygate.

When we put on the Magentic Web Content seminar refreshments will be pasties from Rowes

Linkbaiting with Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Link credit

I always say, target those who link, if you wish to get links with linkbait

Few link voraciously than fans of movies and popular TV shows.

If you create a piece of content that is based on their obsession and resonates with their fan mindset (and remember fan = fanatic) it will make them more suggestible to a link.

It’s wrong to think of this as a trick as you will only tend to get links if the content:

  • Provides a solution
  • Adds to the canon of content regarding the subject in a meaningful way
  • Creates or continues a particular discourse.
  • It respects the fan

It helps if the content creator has an understanding of the particular fan base and is not coming to the tribe cold. Interlopers are outsiders and not to be respected. A fan base should be seen as a tribe and approached accordingly.

It may be that one of the fans could be paid to create content that is linkalicious. Most fans do it for the love and would be grateful to be able to pursue their love and make a little wonga.

Also, if you commission work from a fan who has a large and vibrant fan base you have an instant traffic base, which may add any social media signals and result in helping you get more links.

This type of content may seem a bit silly if you are for example a Bristol plumber and specialise in blocked toilets. But the linkalicious content does not have to be within the normal flow of website and so people who are ankle deep in water trying to search for an available plumber don’t get confused with an article on Dragon Eggs and the most efficient hatching temperatures.

Although, well crafted content that is a little tongue in cheek can do wonders for your brand. Especially if you are in a dry sector like Bristol plumbing problems, having content that emotionally resonates with your customers will increase brand recognition.

Don’t believe me, one word.


In fact, make that two words, Russian Meerkats, can you imagine how that initial idea went down at corporate HQ?

Insurance is a serious business, it’s about death, pain, loss etc.

Very few businesses are more serious than providing such a service and so back to our Bristol plumber, of course you can use content that is a little bit cheeky and a little bit silly and there is not going to be harm done to the brand.

Although I am reminded of a lot of blank, client faces that look back at me when I mention this particular way of getting links.

One of these days someone is going to say to me, “we want links, but we want them in a very boring way”.

Anyway, new series of Game of Thrones starts tonight. And if you think I wrote this to take advantage of that.

Well, duh!


p.s. also works well with the Hunger Games