Why Content Marketing is the Wrong Way Round

Content marketing is the wrong term, as I have discussed before, you are not marketing content, you are using content to attract people to you website to be persuaded to perform specific actions such as purchasing, lead generation etc.

You are not marketing content, but creating magnetic content. Content that not only attracts, but is sticky, and embeds into the sub-consciousness.

But, the term content marketing has taken hold, and propagated mostly by people wanting to sell to people who lack understanding over the form.

Why is this important?

Putting too much emphasis on the content rather than the purpose of the website can take your eye off the ball. Its not abut the content, the content is merely a tool, a mechanism. Some content creators miss this aspect and end up having the cart pulling the horse.

It’s understandable because whenever the term content marketing is raised the cliched terms of “quality content! and “content is King”, are not far behind. And like all cliches, there is a foundation of truth, but not the whole truth.

I think the reason for the over focus on “content”, rather than the purpose of the website is because most content creators still don’t get the reason web content exists and what it can be used for.

A lot of content is created for the purpose of link building, if the content is created and then marketed its the wrong way round. To create content and then market the content is wasteful and inifficient. The marketing should be first and the content comes after.

You find out what the linkerati want and then you create content.

It’s odd how many come up with the idea for content before fully analysing the needs of the market they are targeting.

Find out what people want and give it to them.

Most people think the content they should be producing should be the content which they like, rather than what the market requires.

Marketing then content


“Content marketing”

But I’m afraid it doesn’t scan well.

Its not simply about being pedantic, its about creating creating the correct mindset and work flow.

Developing The correct mindset is something that is crucial to creating magnetic web content and I am going to be blogging about this later.

You may not think this matters much, but if you don’t have the right content creation processes in place and most don’t then your content efforts will never reach their full potential, whilst your competitor gets it together.

4 thoughts on “Why Content Marketing is the Wrong Way Round”

  1. Well put! I am going to take another look at my website from this viewpoint. Even as a designer, once you step outside your field, it can be easy to take your eye off the ball, as you put it. Thanks!

  2. Preach on, brotha! You drove it home with the call for correct mindset. And that’s why I like the group I spend practice time with. Even though we push the term “content marketing”, the training program at Blog Success starts people off with goals and mindset. You’re absolutely right, I see the effects of improper focus all the time and it’s one of the biggest challenges for all the members, myself included.

  3. These are very important points, to be sure. But I think we’re safe with the phrase “content marketing” as long as people who are learning about it get the right info from the right people who understand what it really means. Rather than the hokey stuff you pointed out here that gets site owners nowhere.

  4. Hi Christopher, interesting you mention “practice”, as it’s a question I ask myself a lot, “how do you practice content marketing”. As I do a lot of training I know that it’s not about a simple transference of knowledge, rather it’s a process of practice and being mentored.

    Jack, thanks for dropping by, I know you do a lot of quality work in the space.
    My contention is that all online communication is content and all communication a business puts out is marketing. But that’s for another post.

    Therefore, all the stuff done online is “content marketing”, it’s important to acknowledge this as it needs to seep into the business owners mindset and infect all aspects of online output.

    Even down to the Privacy Policy.

    However, I realise that what is being created by constant use of the term within the industry is that it is relating to specific methods of online communication such as blogging, social media etc. And I must use the term “content marketing” within the industry to be able to take part in discourse and indeed sell my “Kick Ass” Content Marketing Course 😉

    But, it should always come with a caveat, just as linkbait should come with a long and detailed explanation about why it shouldn’t really be called linkbait.

    What this does is allow a depth to your “content marketing” strategy. As we are indeed in an online communications arms race and whoever has the greatest depth to their strategy will win.

    Those who simply crack their knuckles and state, “right, time for me to do some content marketing and knock out a blog post”. Are going to find their seed fall on fallow ground.

    Interesting stuff though, semantic exactitude allows for a deeper level of thought on the strategy of online communication.

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