Using Google+ to Aid Your SEO

Google + Circles

Over the last few days Google have launched a potential game changer into the search world. ‘Search plus Your World’ has set up a firm foundation for Google to move into becoming a social search engine in an effort to make its search results more personalised and relevant to the individual user, allowing them to […]

Why Attract the Linkerati

If you want links, it is the Linkerati you need to get the attention of. Who are the Linkerarti? The Linkerati are those who link They are distinctive from your customers or your clients or the other people you would like to impress, but do not have the power to link to you. There are […]

A few Thoughts on Buying Infographics

Infographics are probably one of the most effective way of getting links these days if done correctly. The problem is that they are expensive, even if you do them yourself the investment in time is hefty. Even in this space, SEO Infographics can deliver the goodies. We offer an Infographic service with a proven track […]

SEO Infographic – Does Google Really Hate Affiliate Marketers?

Over the years I have noticed Google going through several changes in its relationship with affiliate marketers. It could be argued that Google is more of an affiliate marketer itself, rather than an organised of the Worlds Information. So when it comes to a relationship with the affiliate World, it’s not going to be straight […]

Updating the List of UK SEO Companies

I started a list back in 2007 of UK SEO Companies, I’ve been neglecting the list lately and quite a few new, vibrant, kick ass seo agencies have sprouted up and deserve to be on the list. I originally tried to keep the list focussed on business that offered only SEO, but as things developed, […]