Link Building Machine Introductory Price ends 1st October

Note: If you have already ordered from Link Building Machine, don’t worry, you are locked in for one year at the introductory price.

The introductory offer for the Link Building Machine will be finishing on October 1st. Those ordering the minimum spend before then will be locked into the introductory price.

Why have an introductory price?

  • I like to reward those who sign up first
  • Uptake has been surprisingly high
  • Generates loyalty from those who sign up first
  • Highlights the inexpensiveness of the product, this is important when price is a buying trigger
  • An increase in price allows the potential for an affiliate offer
  • So many people have told me its too cheap, it probably is.

Order before the first of October and get locked into the introductory price for one year year.

If you have already placed an order, don’t worry about it, you are already locked in at the intro price for a year.

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Deploy The Link Building Machine V 1.0

OK, here’s the deal.

Over the past 12 months, I have researched, tested and developed a way to build contextually accurate, Google loving links with a tasty, long tail anchor text capability, which can be scaled up or down at will depending on specific requirements.

My desire was to build a system which created a semantic footprint that is contextually aligned to the niche of the target website, whilst not detracting from brand development and could be as big or as small as needed.

I knew three things were crucial:

  • Ability to Scale
  • Efficiency of implementation
  • Reliable level of quality

Rather than simply outsourcing the work to fickle freelancers, I hired and trained my own full time workers which enabled me to ensure a consistent level of quality needed to add valued backlinks. Focussing on the processes of hiring, filtering out the best people and training, I’ve been able to systematically build a quality team from the ground up.

By putting together a full time team and implementing correct training, I could deploy tried and trusted methods and processes which enabled me to compete and win in the most competitive industries.

Even though it’s basically a bunch of highly trained,hard working people, I call it a machine because it performs efficiently and effectively at the rate required no matter what amount of work needed. It delivers the required level of quality consistently over and over. As long as it is fed it will not and cannot be stopped. Cue Terminator theme music.

This is something that is clearly lacking in cheaper offerings you can find around the web. Although what I offer is more expensive than what you can find on certain forums, what I add is consistency at the required quality level. Plus a more open and honest approach and the fact that I personally check all work that goes out and can be reached on the phone, providing a level of assurance not found in other cheapo services.

I’m not interested in offering a cheap service, but a competitive, effective one that brings home the goodies. By focussing in on making the processes more efficient, I was able to create a more cost effective service, which I can now offer to you.

Before I get too carried away, and I am a tad excited about this offering. Seasoned, grizzled, hard core SEO types are probably not going to find anything new here and probably have built your own machine, implementing tried and trusted methods. This is not brain surgery or even highly creative. It’s about taking what we know to work and delivering an efficient, scaled up version.

But, if you don’t have the time to hire a team of people, filter out the bad ones from the good ones, train them in current best practice and effective methodologies and then manage the day to day running of the team, who can then deliver a constant stream of linkalicious ouput,my link building machine is now available for hire.

Although I have quite a large initial capacity, spots are limited, this is not a marketing wheeze. This is because I intend to keep quality at the level it needs to be at and if extra capacity is demanded I can train more link building Terminators and deploy where needed.

With regards to pricing, I’m going to let the market set the price. My personal day rate is £850 a day, usually for strategic planning. This is different though, and so I can offer at a rate at which will sell out 100%

We officially launch next week in the Cornwall Seo newsletter, you can sign up on the right. All the juice will be dished out in the first edition of the newsletter.

So there you go, some of you will love it, some of you will not need it as you do it in house already and some of you will try to copy it. Good luck to you if you do intend to copy it, it’s taken me about a year to get to this place.

May your links be many and aged.

Where to Start with this making money online stuff?

Did you know you could make millions on auto pilot with a Tsunami of awesome traffic bots waiting to send an avalanche of traffic to your blog which will convert into piles of cash whilst you sleep?

You have probably come across offers such as the above if you spend anytime at all learning to make money online. You probably are well aware that products sold in such a way are complete garbage and rely on psychological tricks to get you to part with your cash rather than providing a product that will actually make you money and teach solutions that can be easily implemented.

One of the hardest things about being a noob is being able to tell the charlatans from the Voodoo High Priests of making a crust online. Fortunately, you are in the right place at the right time if you are looking not only to make money online, but also build a long term successful business.

If you are new to the world of SEO, web marketing, latent semantic indexing, etc. go and sign up for the 30 Day Challenge.

First, it’s completely free. Other such courses will charge you literally thousands of dollars, take advantage of it and learn some very tasty stuff, I did.

Second, the course is delivered HD video based, which means you can digest the information whilst doing your in-between donuts, daily squat thrusts.

Third, info is given to you as if on a bed of buttered lobster, slipping into your sub-conscious and feeding deep into your brain. High calorific, informational morsels are offered to you free, every day for 30 days.

My advice, get fat on the info and burn it off through implementation.

I have to confess, although I use my own training programme to inculcate my new team members into the dark arts. I do also get them to do a 30 day challenge. Why? Because it’s very high quality training and the teaching method works, and it’s free.

I also watch the videos each time they come out, even though I am aware of most of the knowledge that is imparted, it helps to see things through fresh eyes again. I’ve been successful in my career thus far, but success can be dangerous, it makes you complacent, arrogant, lazy. All of which I admit to being. And you need to revisit the well and drink some reality juice on a regular basis to sharpen that edge.

Sign up for the 30 day challenge and get your edge sharpened. Yes, that is an affiliate link and no I don’t promote any other product from this blog. This is too good not to promote. Also, you may be asking what’s the up sell, I mean nothing is really free. The deal is, the uber advanced high priest stuff, is offered after the 30 day challenge for a few pieces of Silver, which is up to you if you want to sign up. I did sign up for the advanced stuff and I implement some of it in my client business and it’s very, very tasty. But if you want to increase muscle mass with the free stuff, get stuck in/

Of course, if you are a competitor of mine. You are a very important and powerful and attractive person and do not need to bother with such stuff, your brain is so full of experience and link building goodness you would literally explode if you added to it. Nothing to see here, move along please.

This is my first affiliate product I have promoted here, and I would only ever promote something of exceptional value. If you are a crusty seo dude like myself, send your staff on it. But I would suggest you maybe want a little refresh, a small tune up. Even if it’s so you can say, “I knew that”, in between donuts.

Go for it.