Kate Plus 8

Know what Kate Plus 8 means, me neither until today. It was a reality show on TLC which was recently cancelled, which gives us enough information to know not to go any further.

But what was weird is when I googled the term (I noticed it come up in some trackers I use) howimakestuffworks.com was the domain which came up.

Now I thought howimakestuffworks.com would be about telling me how stuff works. But now, they stick on the tlc sub-domain and suddenly the tail is wagging the dog. Possibly because Google gives howimakestuffworks.com they have decided to dump as much content on their as possible and soak up CPM advertising goodness.

Does this make the search experience worse or better. Not sure, as the page offered up was the official page, just on an odd url. This possibly pushes all the user generated fan pages to the bottom of the swamp, but is that a good thing.

If you had two options on Google, one for the brand loving official stuff and one for the wet and wild user generated fan stuff, which would get pushed the most?

My thinking is the user gen stuff as it’s more authentic, more from the heart. More passionate.

But saying all that, from a pure business play, howimakestuffworks.com is probably doing the right thing.