How to Get Lots of Links Very Quickly

Want links?

Set up a site that panders to a certain prejudice and creates a suspension of disbelief. Provide the usual pointers that linkers and journalists need to pass the test and bada bing.

Of course it’s not as easy as that, it’s a lot of work and you really, really have to know what you are doing.

Hoaxing for links.

I’m a big fan of hoaxing for links and this one popped up on the radar today.

Titled, “Is Internet Explorer For The Dumb? A New Study Suggests Exactly That.”

Someone set up a website that looks and feels like a proper research type site and published what looked to be an authentic report. A lot of people retweeted and linked to it, including the BBC and the Freakonomics crew.

We all get hoaxed every once in a while and it’s mostly harmless and just a bit of fun.

But, it can get you an asssack full of links.

If you look at this story you will soon realise that an SEO would never get hoaxed by this as the PR of the site is zero.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Lots of Links Very Quickly”

  1. Any quasi-competent jouranlist would realise from 30 seconds research on how IQ scoring works that means of 80 and 130 are highly unlikely for such generalized populations of users. ie, IQ distribution follows a normal distribution/bell curve.

    Awesome PR stunt, but a depressing indictment of the state of our press.

  2. Lets face it. There’s also easier methods to obtain links then needing to “hoaxing” people.

    Sure – that can be nice link bait but thats not a way to make long term customers.

    Personally I’ll outsource my linkbuilding and kill it with rankings, I’ll keep the hoaxing to you guys.

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