Twitter – Follower of 10

There is a new Twitter movement out there, it’s called “Follower of 10

It simply means reducing the people you follow on Twitter to 10 people.

The point is to increase the signal, decrease the noise.

It’s not for everyone, everyone has their own social media strategy.

I’m taking up this challenge, it’s difficult as I get the feeling I’m missing out or am unable to influence a useful connection. But, there are so many more efficient ways to stay connected. Also, if you are worried that someone will de-follow you simply because you de-follow them, then their follow is probably worth less than you think.

This is not a hippy dippy movement to keep things real and fruity, rather it’s a time management thing.

Increase the signal, decrease the noise.

3 thoughts on “Twitter – Follower of 10”

  1. Interesting movement. I find myself not being able to keep up with ~240 people I follow.. but don’t think I’m ready to go down to just 10.

    Of course alternative solution is creation of a list with 10 people on it, which really just filters out the noise.

  2. Do you know if search engines make a distinction between accounts that follow many people, and have large amounts of followers vs. accounts that follow few people, but have large amounts of followers.

  3. You could improve the S/N even more by following only one super awesome person 🙂 It’s “increasing the signal” in the same way as reading a single newspaper or watching a single TV channel. For me, the most interesting and challenging things come from the periphery of my network (out of the “noise”, as it were) rather than from the middle of it, but different strokes, etc.

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