The Best Blog Post on Google +1 you will ever read

I hate to say this, I really do. But Google +1 will fail.

I don’t think this because I have done an in depth analysis of it’s features and tested it for the last 6 months it’s more instinctive, so take that for what it’s worth. My thinking is based on the following.

  • Google does search very well, social is a different thing entirely
  • Google isn’t hungry, failure will not move the share price or cause a significant bump in revenues
  • Google can buy Twitter whenever it realises it can’t do social, so why try too hard
  • Sheds of sock puppets are on standby to manipulate the system
  • There is no void for Google + 1 to fill, we can already do what it offers and are embedded in other networks
  • Social networks are powered by fundamental forces like sex, money, social approbation etc. I don’t see any of these primal forces being sated in the current features

There are a few more reasons I will save for the email list.

I hate saying all this because Google could have done it, they left it too late. I remember saying back in 2007 they should do something like this.

They have spent too much of the evening working on their PhD papers and turned up at the party with a bottle of Peach Schnapps wondering why the hot chicks have already left the party.

The other reason of course is that Google search is very, very good and it would be hard to improve it. Google Search and it’s commercial cousin Adwords are truly the works of genius. Which is why it feels awkward watching people get excited over this.

Ah well, gives SEO bloggers something to write about.

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11 thoughts on “The Best Blog Post on Google +1 you will ever read”

  1. Be interesting to see how it unfolds, but it does seem to only be the SEO crowd (and some PR-but-desperately-wanna-be-SEOs) that are getting excited about it.

    Personally, I laughed blood yesterday as every Tom, Dick and Harry (but especially Dick) wrote about Google plus, without ever having used it.

  2. I disagree. I think Google is like a bank by now. They are too big to fail. They have to succeed in social or it will lead to their demise in the long term. So even as it might seem right now that Google+/+1 are bound to fail like all the other Google social services this time it’s a matter of life and death. They will fight to the end.

  3. “Google can buy Twitter whenever it realises it can’t do social, so why try too hard” I agree that Google should just buy Twitter and embed it in all it’s other services. In areas other than search they have always entered the market through acquisition of a technology/service provider.

  4. Google +1 and Google+ are two different parts of the same thing. When you say Google +1 as a social network will fail. you’re mixing up the social enhanced search with the social network (Google+).
    That said, Google+ really does fix most of my complaints about Facebook (privacy and lack thereof, security and lack thereof, respect for the user and lack thereof).
    I think Google will hit this one out of the park.

  5. Google had to temporarily suspend giving out invites to Google+ due to an overwhelming response. It looks like it has some traction, but who knows how it will play out in the long-term.

      1. I would guess it is less to do with server resources and more to do with the people behind it having a chance to monitor how things are going. Opening the floodgates would make things far harder to manage and unfortunately human resources don’t scale so easily as computers!

        A colleague of mine who has an invite was showing me round the site and, I’m no google fan boy, I have to say it looked good.

        There is always a place for competition in my opinion.

        Not sure I’ll be using +1, just never really got into that kind of thing – Google or otherwise. Is there a way to switch it off?!

  6. I agree, Google +1 will fail. They don’t have a bigger enough or organized enough social network to make it succeed. Facebook does, so I cannot really see +1 being a serious competitor to Facebooks Like button.

  7. What Google has going for it:

    1) The huge customer base to streamline Google+
    2) The insane talent of its employees
    3) An empty slate from which to build off of
    4) Already unique ideas with more to come
    5) Taking Facebook’s idea and starting by inviting an exclusive group of users

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