Getting Ruthless with Information Overload

This may be hard for some to understand.

But, I am going to stop following everyone on my main Twitter account.

There are a number of reasons for this and a number of advantages.

Of course there will be some disadvantages

  • Some people will get the hump and stop following me
  • I might miss out on a tasty morsel of info
  • I get behind in SEO gossip

I don’t mind if some people stop following me, as I will be using my Twitter account other than to get people to follow me on Twitter. As I have numerous searches and lists running on Tweetdeck I can still be plugged in to needed information whilst reducing distraction.

I use RSS feeds a lot and use Reader on my iPhone to make sure I get enough tasty morsels to keep me fed.

SEO gossip, doesn’t pay the rent and it can seriously suck up time.

I think I joined Twitter back in 2007, and to keep using it in the same way I used it then is nuts, because my business model has changed. And so the way I use Twitter must also change. I now run a large team of link builders and offer a specific link building service to clients which takes up a lot of time.

Distraction is a big problem for me and I score high on ADD tests, so I have to work hard to reduce the possible distractions and get RUTHLESS.

As tweeting is no longer something I need to cultivate to generate new business or do a spot of brand building, it diminishes in its ability to justify itself in the current form I use it.

So, I am going to dump all followers and use it in a more focussed form, which will probably be more conversational and reach out to new networks and new people.

I would only advise others to do this if it fits with your business model.

My tweets will be ripe and full of juice and if you are in the business of SEO, online marketing, social media etc. It will still be worthwhile to follow me.

But if not, no probs.

After all, it’s only business 😉

ps. If you think it feels like you work for Twitter, rather than getting Twitter to work for you, you may want to have a long, ruthless, think about this.

7 thoughts on “Getting Ruthless with Information Overload”

  1. I’ve adopted a different approach to solve that problem. I just removed the main tweet stream from HootSuite and only pay attention to specific lists and searches. That way I can still be following a large number while keeping the information flow to manageable levels.

    1. Quote: “That way I can still be following a large number”

      In the context you describe the word following automatically receives quotes; you’re “following” people. It’s not really following them though, right?

      Do you opt to do it this way, instead of Lyndon’s way, to sort of compliment the people whose follow button you hit?

  2. I just took 30 days off of Twitter and FB for exactly the same reason. It still has value for me, and I enjoy keeping up with people, but the downside of the distraction is very real and has become measurable for me. I’m not sure if I needed to quit cold turkey, but clearing my head did me good.

  3. Lyndon,

    I hope you write a follow-up to share how your strategy worked out for you.

    My Twitter strategy is very similar to Chris’s. I Twitter-follow more people than I actively follow, but I use tools to process and summarize their feeds so I know that is buzzing on Twitter. I do like the option for the people I follow to DM me if necessary. From time to time I circle through all people I follow and try to interact with as many as I can.

    I agree with 2 major things you outlined: make sure your social media strategy works for you; and do not let Twitter consume all your time. Looking forward to reading about results.

  4. Lyndon Lyndon Lyndon, whats the high ADD score 🙂 its those Doritos and diet cokes baby , Monsoooooooodium Glutaaaaaamate (probably spelt wrong) I remember years ago when you dropped a twat , sorry a tweet , tweet , its a tweet 🙂 it read , “twittering naked in the bath” aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh classic … your northern monkey friend D.
    ps when you getting your arse up here to take me out for a curry ?

  5. Information overload and distraction from doing real work are stopping most of us from reaching our goals.

    Using Google reader for RSS feeds helps me keep track of people I follow (not only n Twitter) and I use it as a searchable database as well.

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