Writing Headlines That Reach The First Page

Guest Post by Brandon Hopkins, let me know if you would also like to get a guest post published on Cornwallseo.com

There is no shortage of people telling you how to write killer headlines (my personal favorite is Brian Clark’s, How to Write Magnetic Headlines), but what these headline experts fail to mention is how a headline affects your search engine rankings.

I wasn’t born yesterday, and neither were you so we both know that a good headline should use your keywords and be compelling. After all, you do want people to click right? In addition to being compelling and using those keywords, you also need to make sure that you’re different.

Take a minute and go to Google and search for just about any 3 word phrase that a normal person might search for. I searched for “funny cat videos” and “top 100 songs” those two searches give some interesting information if you know what to look for.

Take a look at the titles for the top 10 results. Do you see any duplications? Do you see 2 sites that have the same title? That right there is a big secret many people are missing and they don’t even realize it. Are you creating a new niche blog about funny cat videos? Guess what, if your title is “Funny Cat Videos”, you’ll have a hard time ranking on the first page since Google usually only allows one site with that title. This means for you to reach the front page Google will remove the other site with that title and move them to the second page.

Go ahead and look through the first 5 pages of search results for “funny cat videos”. Do you see any identical titles on any of the pages? I didn’t think so.

What does this mean for your website?

1. Avoid the Urge To Simplify. Even though you really want to rank for “funny cat videos”, make sure and title your page “Watch Funny Cat Videos Online!” Using a title that isn’t already in the top 10 will ensure that you don’t have to force Google to choose between your site and an already established site that is ranking well. There is room for you both to coexist! Hopefully you’ll exist in the number 1 spot!

2. Write Compelling Headlines for Every Page. Don’t be lazy with your authority (or Pillar) content. For many niche sites, it’s tempting to just use your main key phrase (funny cat videos) as the title. Make every title compelling (Top 100 Funny Cat Videos).

3. Check the SERP’s Before Finalizing Your Title. If you’re great title is already being used by a site in the top 10, I would suggest changing your title.

4. Reevaluate Your Titles. Just because you had to use a different title doesn’t mean you can’t eventually change your title back to your main key phrase. Once you’re in the top spot, you can experiment with small variations to see if you can increase your click through ratio by just changing a few words.

5. Use Your Company Name. If your keywords don’t lend themselves to compelling titles then you can always use your company name or domain name. Take Ezilon for example, in the web directory market, you have to make yourself distinct. Ezilon did that by creating a regional directory.

While duplicate titles might be a very small ranking factor, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on!

Brandon Hopkins builds links for small and large companies all over the world. You can contact him at his Fresno web design website for more information on getting your site ranked #1!

ThinkVisibility 2011 – It’s all about the links

This is a guest post from Claire Carlile, who had the not so dubious pleasure of attending ThinkVis this March.

Last weekend heralded the 5th ThinkVisibility, and my second visit to Leeds for this 1 day event that popped my SEO conference cherry last September. I was expecting some engaging presentations, to meet with friends old and new, and of course a modicum of debauchery. I was not disappointed.

Being of a linkbuilding persuasion one presentation in particular stood out for me, my takeaways from this detailed below.

Paddy Moogan: Let’s talk about links baby

Paddy starts by outlining his session:

  • site reviews with link suggestions
  • generic tips
  • plus some fun (shadier stuff).

Unfortunately he asked us not to blog the ‘fun stuff’ – you’ll have to pay up for a ticket to ThinkVisibility yourself for this 😉

SITE: Thefoodplace.co.uk
Restaurant review website

Conduct a backlink analysis – always do this first, what type of links do you need?
Site has lots of sidebar / site wide links with 12.000 links from 383 domains, not very varied.
Needs more domain diversity.

Use link bait and ego bait.

  • start with easy wins, for example ‘top 10 restaurants in Leeds’, ‘Top 10 restaurants in London’ etc
  • get people to come to your site and see that they are listed – shortlist the ones with websites that are likely to link to you.
  • run a survey on your website and then get people to vote on which of the top 10 is the best, that way the restaurants themselves will encourage their customers and community to visit your site – extra traffic plus links. Use poll daddy.

Using twitter for links (the easy way)
You need a reasonable following on twitter.
using twitter for links

  • Check which followers have websites; you can go through these people manually, or find all your followers and csv export them using friendorfollow.com.
  • Find their website URLs using qwerly.com , which allows you to do this without logging into twitter.

This can take a long time, but a solution can be offered by scraping 😉

Paddy talks about how to do this. Now, Paddy is not the type of chap that needs to take a humility pill, and post presentation he flagged up this post on getting links from your twitter friends that describes the process in a succinct fashion.

  • Reach out to them and ask for a link
  • Launch link bait targeted at them via twitter

This is a great way to grab link targets really quickly and easily – the list is ‘pre qualified’ in the sense that they’re already following you on twitter, and you already have a relationship with them.

NB You’ll probably want to weed your competitors out of this data (please don’t ask for links, as a slap round the face often offends)

no links given

Other ideas

  • Feature the restaurants in a newsletter
  • Promote their special offers
  • Review them on the blog

Site: Smartcatlearning.com
Children’s dyslexia test

Current situation – not much domain diversity, but some good strong links

Identify opportunities

  • Schools
  • Parent groups
  • Mummy bloggers (the internet is crawling with them)

mummy bloggers

I’m not sure this is the type of blogger we’re looking for….

How to find them?
start with the basics (seriously): search for “list of mummy bloggers”
when you find a good one click on ‘similar’ link in the SERPs

Use Followerwonk.com . Performs a search in twitter bios, identifies those with ‘mummy blogger’ in bio, and also gives lots if useful data including real name, location, and number of tweets, friends and followers.

SITE: Shopsafe.co.uk
Retailer reviews and vouchers

Ego bait
awards for websites
give badges to winners
do across every category

Hit wise do this very successfully.

Blue sky idea – become a review aggregator
Encourage customers to leave more reviews
act as an independent review site
let retailers use reviews on their own site, in exchange for a link

Extra Tip
Implement microformats for shop reviews – reported 14% uplift in CTR from SERPS because of rich snippets (don’t quote that!)

SITE: acornprinting.co.uk
Offers t shirt printing


Identify USPs:

  • Fair-trade supplier

Use advanced search operators to identify prospects:

  • get link targets from fair-trade.org.uk website. For example, get a list of local campaign groups, they likely be easier to target and more likely to link out.
  • think carefully about their existing customers – who do they supply? Charities and universities would of course make great link targets.
  • be careful – don’t overdo the anchor text optimisation – stick to targeting branded terms

Link bait
i.e. Guinness world record for the most t shirts worn at one time – they could see if they could break the world record, with their own branded t shirts

SITE: gifts4men.com
Erm, they supply gifts for men. Doh.

Competitions are always a corker for easy wins.


  • competitionhunter.com – Paddy can give you a list of links from competition sites if you email him (list of 20)

Guest blogging

  • find targets and do outreach first….find the link targets, contact them, get the content, get it approved etc
  • let them know you have 4 or 5 ideas, give them the overview, if they say nothing works for them ask them what type of stuff they would like? Then you can write for them specifically, they feel special / valued and are more likely to run your copy and links
  • when you have the contact and the person says ‘yes’ – get it produced (use oDesk, textbroker etc)
  • add links to the top of the article, try and keep it at the top if you can. Higher CTR, but also Matt Cutts at pubcon gave a big hint about how google views links in bios. Position of the link on the page is v. valuable.

Pro tip for agencies

  • Find top 10 generic sites and come back to them again and again with different clients, keep a data base of these sites

Top tips for e commerce sites

  • Safebuy.org.uk: you can submit to multiple categories and get a link from each, pricey but worth it
  • Get links to product pages by making a screen cast of the product, embed code in the bottom (sounds painful), people can use it on their sites and will create deep links to your product pages. Adfd HTML wrapper to your product page

General tips

  • If you’re a new start up get a link from Smarta.com in their ‘60 second start up’ posts
  • Links from journalists – use journalisttweets.com to identify journos on twitter in your area, and by niche

That’s it, phew! The other stuff was so top secret, if I told you Paddy would make me suck sick through a sweaty sock. So I’m not gonna.

See Paddy’s preso slides, and harass him on twitter.

Why I dumped Friends on Facebook

At one point I had a few thousand “friends” on Facebook, most of these were business rather than personal. Not really trusting FB to keep the separation between business and personal as solid as I would like, I have set up a new FB account for this blog.

I realise you can set up fan pages and groups, but I wanted an FB account that was completely owned by Cornwall SEO and to be branded definitively with the blog and the link building business that Cornwall SEO offers.

So, you may find that I have removed you from my personal account, This isn’t because I hate your guts and curse the very ground you walk upon, but it’s the best way I can think of doing it. It would be nice if I could press a button and it all transfer everyone but it is what it is.

If you still think it’s worth connecting with me and Cornwall SEO on Facebook you can do so with this link.

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If you have an interest in Online Marketing and specifically social media marketing and link building, you may find it very useful.

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