A Quick Dip into the Spam Comments that this blog gets

We all get spam comments, a quick look at what Akisimet is blocking can sometimes be entertaining, my favourite is the last one. Below is a list of comments that Akismet auto blocked on this site.

It’s interesting to note the certain commonalities of some of them, like the ones that try to keep it ambiguous and not specific about what they are talking about.

I guess if I wanted to be a comment spammer this is the kind of stuff I would be studying, but time is best spent elsewhere.

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9 thoughts on “A Quick Dip into the Spam Comments that this blog gets”

  1. @James, it’s quite possible. However, it’s a comment that could be placed on any blog and also it may have pointed to a thin, affiliate site such as yours and so is less about the conversational aspect of which is the point of a blog comment.

    What is and what is spam is not objective, it is highly subjective and depends on the attitude of the viewer.

    Actually, I am going to be doing a podcast and even a video cast in the future. As they give more credibility and authenticity.

  2. GREAT BLOG! You are one of the best writers I’ve seen in a long long time. I hope you keep writing because people like you inspire me!

  3. @ James, no problem at all, and I really don’t mind if you drop a link to a site you want to help as long as the comment is interesting. Even though it’s a nofollow, I think commenters should get a little tickle.

    @Richard, dude, I am humbled and slightly embarrassed by your comments, but not that much that I would not tweet about it. 😉 Even if it was just to get a comment in.

  4. Your new avatar ( might not be new , been busy recently so not checked back in a while) is soooooooo sexy I might steal it , blow it up to a full A4 and put it on my bedroom wall 😉 whens this book coming out ?

  5. I constantly have the debate approving questionable comments. You don’t want to be a scrooge and just pencil whip every comment that is not perfect. aKismet gets the worst offenders so I am finding I am more lenient on the questionable comments just because the writer has done a good enough job getting through the first level of spam filters.

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