What are the most popular WordPress plugins

A web host has conducted research on how many wordpress blogs they host and what are the most popular plugins are. The top most used are not surprising, but it’s always useful to see what people are using to see if a certain plugin can solve a specific problem.

Source, webhost Dreamhost

2 thoughts on “What are the most popular WordPress plugins”

  1. Its good to see that a lot of the plug ins for word press are used for SEO purposes. There are loads of plug ins that are not listed here such as wp-ecommerce.

  2. Only 30 per cent using Akismet? Wow – it’s harder *not* to use that one than to use it.

    And if about 97 per cent of users are uninstalling or refusing to activate Hello Dolly, isn’t it time to just ditch it? The joke got stale a very long time ago…

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