Why are SEO Blogs Really Boring

I find most other blogs in the industry I inhabit really boring. Mostly because they are not meant for me, their purpose for existence is not to entertain or inform me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Here’s what I notice though. A lot of people slag off blogs because they don’t give them what they want, even when the blog is not meant for them.

Just because you don’t get any juice, doesn’t make it a failure. You may not be aware of the objective. The objective may not be you.

I know that most blogs in the industry are not looking to entertain me, so when they don’t I don’t presume they are a failure.

But it’s very common for people to sound off opinions based on their narrow experience. What this does is illuminate the fact that the critic cannot see the bigger picture. And there is no shame in that if you are a technician or an engineer.

But if you are the head of a company wanting to bake and shake your niche it marks you out as a dork, not a market leader.

You do see it in the SEO industry a lot, mostly from the people who mistake opinions for knowledge. But that’s OK, it’s good to know who they are.

From a bloggers POV it’s useful to know that people will criticise not what you do, but how useful it is for them. So if you get a load of flack from a bunch of people you don’t care about, don’t sweat it.

Opinions are like Twitter accounts, everyone has one.
(Some may remember a similar quote from Clint Eastwood;)

If you are baking and shaking in the blog world, you WILL GET FLACK, the important thing to know is which critics do you listen to and which ones do you ignore.

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  1. Lyndon wrote “you do see it in the SEO industry a lot, mostly from the people who mistake opinions for knowledge.”

    But doesn’t this applies to all areas of business. For example what about all the experts who say that the UK government’s economic policies will lead to a “double dip” recession. Surely nobody at this time can tell what will happen. Isn’t this an example of mistaking opinion for knowledge?

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