Why are SEO Blogs Really Boring

I find most other blogs in the industry I inhabit really boring. Mostly because they are not meant for me, their purpose for existence is not to entertain or inform me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Here’s what I notice though. A lot of people slag off blogs because they don’t give them what they want, even when the blog is not meant for them.

Just because you don’t get any juice, doesn’t make it a failure. You may not be aware of the objective. The objective may not be you.

I know that most blogs in the industry are not looking to entertain me, so when they don’t I don’t presume they are a failure.

But it’s very common for people to sound off opinions based on their narrow experience. What this does is illuminate the fact that the critic cannot see the bigger picture. And there is no shame in that if you are a technician or an engineer.

But if you are the head of a company wanting to bake and shake your niche it marks you out as a dork, not a market leader.

You do see it in the SEO industry a lot, mostly from the people who mistake opinions for knowledge. But that’s OK, it’s good to know who they are.

From a bloggers POV it’s useful to know that people will criticise not what you do, but how useful it is for them. So if you get a load of flack from a bunch of people you don’t care about, don’t sweat it.

Opinions are like Twitter accounts, everyone has one.
(Some may remember a similar quote from Clint Eastwood;)

If you are baking and shaking in the blog world, you WILL GET FLACK, the important thing to know is which critics do you listen to and which ones do you ignore.

What are the most popular WordPress plugins

A web host has conducted research on how many wordpress blogs they host and what are the most popular plugins are. The top most used are not surprising, but it’s always useful to see what people are using to see if a certain plugin can solve a specific problem.

Source, webhost Dreamhost

Diggs for Sale

Maybe this post should read, “Digg for sale”.

A few thoughts on what is happening on digg.

First, I’m not following the current convo regarding the latest changes at digg closely as there will be a period of flux where nothing of worth really settles. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great, geeky, soap opera and if you have the time it beats having to watch the coffee dribbles on your wall harden in the warm sun.

Most of the people I follow about the subject are the professional diggers who have made a career out of pushing stories to the top. I of course push my own stories to the top and over the years have realised how much most of the social bookmarking sites are quite easily gamed. Mostly in an ambiguous nod from the owners of the sites.

Whilst the owners of these site publicly castigate such practices, they actually need professional social bookmarkers as they provide them with quality content. If it’s an infographic it’s usually been created by professionals. Which I think reveals the extent of the operation.

So, why is this important.

Well, if you are not getting a piece of the action, then you are missing out on a big chunk of online marketing. It’s a relatively small group who control 80% of social bookmarking action. It’s really no different than getting stories in newspapers which are sympathetic to a specific brand or product.

But right now, digg is in turmoil in the sense it is not yet clear how to promote. Which is why I think it’s not worth following the story. In a few weeks it will be clear which wheels need to be greased, but right now, I’m off on holiday and hopefully when I come back it will be sorted.

However, digg only represents one entity and there are many others to promote your website at.