Why are SEO Blogs Really Boring

I find most other blogs in the industry I inhabit really boring. Mostly because they are not meant for me, their purpose for existence is not to entertain or inform me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here’s what I notice though. A lot of people slag off blogs because they don’t give them […]

What are the most popular WordPress plugins

A web host has conducted research on how many wordpress blogs they host and what are the most popular plugins are. The top most used are not surprising, but it’s always useful to see what people are using to see if a certain plugin can solve a specific problem. Source, webhost Dreamhost

Diggs for Sale

Maybe this post should read, “Digg for sale”. A few thoughts on what is happening on digg. First, I’m not following the current convo regarding the latest changes at digg closely as there will be a period of flux where nothing of worth really settles. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great, geeky, soap opera […]