Getting the Blogging Mojo Back

For one reason or another I stopped blogging, stopped writing.

Which is a shame as I really like the process and it’s something I do well (haven’t the time to be modest this morning).

Most of the problem is simple distraction, too much going on, too many possibilities, even too much success.

Sometimes you have to reduce. Simplify. Not use the, “but it has to be perfect before I publish” excuse.

So, to get the Mojo back I’m just going to blog. Post a blog every day for 14 days.

It may not be linkable, but from a creative point of view it helps crank up the engine.

And you never know, something juicy may come of it.

2 thoughts on “Getting the Blogging Mojo Back”

  1. Good Stuff! I wrote and posted my first blog today…I’m a newbie, but pretty excited and proud…my first step of a 1000.
    You have some great content on here…look forward to reading your posts.
    Rup Jolly

  2. Yay! Me too! I ground to a halt. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Because I love writing, too.

    So – my mission, should I wish to accept it, is to Follow Your Lead and write something every day for 14 days.

    Thank you for the inspiration x

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