Linkbait Coaching 2.0 – Link Building on Crack

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I do a lot of business with a lot of Blue chip companies, still do infact. But that is not where my heart lies, a lot of the time the decision making process takes so long it sucks any creativity out of the idea before it gets going.

What I really love is getting down in the trenches with clients who share the passion for success and making cool things happen. Linkbaiting is essentially buzz marketing but with a specific end point. It tends to be driven by ideas, but of course implementation is everything.

Social media expertise helps increase the success rate, although it is in no way an easy option.

Because I like to work with people who “get it”, rather than churning out the content for clients I thought it would be exciting to open Linkbait Coaching again. The time is right for me, I’m cutting back on client work and launching a few other projects and also I have had people ask me when it will open again ever since it closed a year ago.

For those familiar with product launches you will be aware that there is a process to maximising the number of sign ups. I’m acutually more interested in minimising the number of sign ups. As the work is one on one in a group setting (subscription based forum) it takes up a lot of my time, plus there is only so much creativity you can share in 24 hours and no I don’t outsource the work.

So, there will be no big push or marketing blitz. I prefer to have members join who are savvy and willing to get their hands dirty rather than be seduced by a carefully crafted sales letter. The closest to a sales letter is what’s here

Last time I had a lot of SEO agencies and PR agencies sign up and a lot went on to do some very interesting work.

I will make the effort to get a bunch of testimonials together from previous members.

Membership is limited to only 30 people, this is not a marketing trick, I really have to regulate the numbers as the more people the more work I have to do.

The price is �200 a month, last time it was $400 a month. I decided to go Sterling to keep the accounting easier plus it makes it easier if the currency moves like it did last time. For those who are thinking, “200 quid! You’re aving a laff!” My day rate is �750 or �150 an hour, so you are getting a bargain. This is clearly not for noobs and is a hardcore grounding in cutting edge link building and social media techniques.

If you are looking to get your stuff submitted by social media power users I can offer you one submit a month, which is most cases pays for the membership.

Doors open on Thursday, Noon, UK time. I know a few people are definately signing up but can’t really tell how fast the spots will go. It really has to be first come first serve.

I don’t think Dan Raine, Ed Dale, John Reese etc. would be very impressed with this product re-launch, but they way I see it is this – If you don’t think this is for you don’t join.

Please do not join.

This is way down the line, no prisoners taken kinda stuff and it will be clear to those who realise what this is all about how it will benefit them.

May your links be many and aged.

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