SEO Blogging, or a River of Effluent?

Aaron Wall has a certain style of blogging, one that is highly readable and underpinned by a true experts eye. He also seems to not mind offending big names, my cynical nature leads me at first to think there is some business logic as to where he aims his criticism, but probably not. I think he really enjoys peeling back the skin of those big names and revealing the raw flesh underneath.

There is so much spin and smoke and mirrors on seo industry blogs, everyone has an angle, those selling services are constantly on the look out for advantage. Which I don’t have a problem with as most industries operate in this way, but it requires special skill to navigate through the rivers of effluent that is the SEO blog scene and establish yourself as a top dog. This skill is not just about being a hot SEO, it’s something much more.

Which is why there is need for the top players in the industry to tell it like it is.

Trust and credibility are golden and are the best marketing tools around. If large amounts of people trust you and what you say and don’t think you are simply bigging up a mate or delivering a slagging to someone just because they are a competitor, it’s powerful stuff.

Of course there are other ways to be powerful but that’s for another post.

Here is the cracking article that inspired this post.
Who Are The Top 10 SEOs in the World?

2 thoughts on “SEO Blogging, or a River of Effluent?”

  1. That’s a great article. But if we’re telling it like it is: it’s as much about business as SEO – some are on there for being great SEOs (eg, Dave N), some for knowing a lot about SEO (not the same as being an SEO); and others for making lots of money (the cause of which may be have been SEO-led and may not).

    Cracking headline though.

  2. yup, everyone has an angle, and Aaron’s is integrity.

    He’s reached the top of the pile on merit, and without resorting to the really underhand stuff most of us have to do. So I reckon he has every right to bawl out the real shysters and snake oil salesmen.

    Top man, top blog.

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